We take our playlists very seriously.

The Vancity Goods is curated by AntiSocial’s own office DJ, holistic hip hop heroine Tee Krispil. Tee is a part of our social team, a corner of the office known for their quick wits and slow ruminations.

The Vancity Goods is a conglomeration of dope beats from local Vancouver artists. The list ranges from hip hop to electronic R&B with sexy neo-soul notes dusted throughout. Tee‘s a part of the hip hop collective The People Northwest while simultaneously creating, producing, and performing her own solo music, earning a rightful place in Vancouver’s underground rap royalty. Needless to say, she knows what’s up with the local music scene. Trust.

Do yourself a favour: Follow the artists in the playlist and see as much live music as you can. Soon, you’ll be able to tell your friends you saw Tee Krispil perform before she was opening for Nas and selling out shows.