This year has brought up many challenges in the digital marketing sphere, as changes to user behaviour, expectations, and opinion changed what people wanted to consume online. We were challenged with pivoting our social campaigns for each and every client to make sure our messaging was staying current and fitting this new normal.

The result is work that not only stood the test of the pandemic, but stands out in its own right.

Our social team has curated their favourite campaigns from this unforgettable year. Read on for part 1!

Western Family

Campaign Name: Sizzling Summer Rebrand

Campaign Date: August 2020

“This social campaign gave us a big opportunity to push the envelope and work outside the boundaries that are usually set for Western Family. Overall it was just really refreshing to be able to work new angles and try things out that we usually haven’t been able to do. I think that we were able to start with a blank slate, give them the idea we wanted to run with, they signed off on it, and we were able to deliver something that was super fun and different for them.

We got a ton of amazing feedback from not only the WF team but our work was being noticed by other people in the larger company so that was really flattering.”

Michael Panes, Social Strategist

Oakwyn Realty

Campaign Name: Oakwyn Kindness Challenge

Campaign Date: November 2020

“I loved this social campaign because it got the company and their communities together and encouraged everyone to do good. It was a heartwarming campaign, something we all need right now.

The Oakwyn team have big hearts. I was so excited to see how they were going to take part this year given the current situation. Each year just gets bigger and bigger, and I loved being able to facilitate that growth in this campaign.”

Melissa Tolentino, Social Strategist

Grosvenor Americas

Campaign Name: Pride @ Grosvenor

Campaign Date: August 2020

“I loved this social campaign because it showed Grosvenor’s brand values, and created connection between the community and the staff. I wasn’t surprised by its success but was surprised by the amount of positive remarks shared by the London Group recognizing the powerful storytelling of the piece.”

Nicole Wei, Associate Director of Social Media

Stay Tuned for More!

2020 truly was the year of Online, and we’re proud to be right there at the helm. Stay tuned for part 2 for more of our social team’s stand-out social campaigns of the year!

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