Following on from part one of our social team’s favourite campaigns of 2020, we have 3 more exciting social campaigns that, for us, exemplify our hard work and commitment to great content in 2020.

We are lucky to work with great clients who are willing to push their messaging on social and create stand-out social campaigns that entertain, connect, and push the expectations of their audiences.

Read on for more of our social teams’ favourite campaigns from this unforgettable year.


Campaign Name: Co-op Helps

Campaign Date: March 2020

“The overall sentiment of this social campaign; the stories of family, friends, neighbours, and complete strangers all performing acts of kindness, was incredible to see. This campaign was launched at the beginning of the initial lockdown in March so it was just the type of uplifting social content everyone was enthused to see and it felt like it brought people together. We got floods of nominations and comments about people across Canada.

We reached the goal of 2,000 Co-op Helps submissions within the first week so we had to pivot our strategy halfway through the campaign because we had reached our goals so quickly!”

Aisha Fawkes, Social Strategist

Inform Projects

Campaign Name: Inform Projects’ Launch

Campaign Date: October 2020

“It was exciting to launch the Inform Projects’ Instagram account from scratch. They weren’t previously on any social platforms, so we spent time upfront chatting to the team; learning more about the business and the projects they’ve worked on. I enjoyed learning about the level of detail that goes into every kitchen or cabinet and being able to translate that into a more digital experience for potential customers.

I was surprised by how seamlessly their work translated to Instagram. We worked within certain colour palettes on their feed to establish their aesthetic and engaging Instagram Highlights to better engage their audience.

I’d say the biggest success was seeing the social campaign come to life on Instagram and the (completely organic) response to their page. Our team has started to build a gorgeous online portfolio while tapping into a new market and user base.”

Vanessa Ortynsky, Senior Social Strategist

Grosvenor Americas

Campaign Name: Women of Grosvenor

Campaign Date: August 2020

“I loved working on this campaign! The sentiment of the campaign was wonderful and uplifting, and definitely resonated with a lot of Grosvenor Americas’ following, as it performed very well. Being able to speak to 5 women in senior positions and learn what they think the most important principles are to ensure workplace equality was really enlightening, and it was a super positive message to get to spread on social.”

Laura Bell, Creative Copywriter

Thank You!

A year like no other, with unforgettable content to match. Thank you to everyone we’ve worked with this year to create some awesome social campaigns, digital marketing strategies, and stand-out content.

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