The Underdogs is advertising inspo.

Good marketing tells a story. Great marketing inspires a conversation. Apple’s ad ‘The Underdogs’ is incredibly compelling, it draws you in, makes you root for the heroes of the story, and ultimately, starts a conversation.

The video clearly has a high production value, but what makes the 3-minute clip so powerful is the hero-story playing out. They show tight deadlines, a terrifying boss, lifes regular, daily obstacles, and a bunch of scrappy underdogs succeeding in the face of adversity.

The video is relatable, well shot, and, of course, plays on the audience championing the underdog.

Apple also takes the opportunity for product placement and runs with it. It’s easy to forget that this is a commercial, not a short film shot for our entertainment until you start looking for Apple products. They don’t show the Apple logo or holler at Siri until you’re already hooked on the storyline, and then, in our world of prevalent tech, it honestly seems normal. By integrating the products slowly into the video you don’t feel like you’re immediately slapped in the face with advertising, lending the video credit.

Other factors helping this Apple Ad shoot to success are its cleverly written script, perfectly timed comedic breaks, and use of a product that, I think, we can all ask ourselves “why isn’t this a thing everywhere?”

Oddly enough, Apple did actually invent the round pizza box and patent it prior to this video being produced. It’s used exclusively in Caffé Mac for Apple’s employees. So, yeah, it’s a thing, but it’s really just an Apple thing.

Apple knows people don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves.