Continuing on from our success at the Canadian Search Awards for our 7-Eleven campaign, #DanceTheSlurp,  we have another win for the talented team at AntiSocial and Thinkingbox!

One of our most recent web projects, a custom website redesign for Earls, has received the recognition it deserves for its swish and functional design, scoring a CSS Design Award for best innovation, UI, UX.

The Story

National favourite, Earls Kitchen + Bar, has 65 locations across North America, each boasting a unique and local menu. Earls is a recognizable and proudly Canadian brand that remains a reliable staple for diners out across Canada and the US; for brunch, highballing happy hours, or delicious dinners.

We were tasked with designing a site that has the same attention to detail as each of the local stores do, whilst also creating a custom redesign to adhere to their new brand, built for their extensive menu system.

Our team accessed the back end needs and CMS for complex data entry, creating simplified data entry requirements for the new site to enable entries to be both unique and customizable.

Delicious Offerings

Being a firm family favourite, Earls has an extensive (and delicious) menu, and sorting through it to compile this redesign was no easy feat.

Our designers were tasked with sorting through the complex menu spreadsheet and mapping out a more streamlined design. Each location was templated for easy CMS updates, resulting in a beautiful, complex, and functional website design.

The Techy Bit

The Earls website is a CMS controlled and fed web application, powered by Python and Django. The application can feed location aware results to the user based on the user’s IP address. Meaning we can direct the user to the closest restaurant to their location and present those pages to them.

Along with Python and Django, other tools used for the redesign include PostgreSQL, Redis, Tachyons CSS Toolkit, Vanilla JS w/greensock, and Google Cloud Platform.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The hard work and technical tools list as long as your arm was worth it! Not only did our clever team upgrade Earls UX design to the swish Thinkingbox standards you know and love, but the site also took home a CSS Design Award for best innovation, UI, UX.

If you’re looking to engage your audience with both functional and memorable web design, reach out to us!