Tour a home you want before it’s built. Explore a Caribbean resort before booking your trip. Re-decorate your condo without moving a piece of furniture. This all now possible thanks to the growth of virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 video.

The BCAMA’s annual Experiential Marketing Conference relaunched this year as the Marketing Innovation Experience Conference. The event showcases emerging marketing technology, with this year’s focus on VR, AR and 360 video.

By 2020, the economic impact of virtual and augmented reality is predicted to reach $29.5 billion.

The annual event is where industry members can discover the latest in marketing tech and network with marketing and tech professionals in Vancouver. Our graphics design team created the digital signage for the event and our media team captured live highlights, giving viewers a taste of the wide range of experiences that night:

After various attempts through the years, VR, AR, and 360 videos have finally broken into the mainstream in entertainment, business and marketing. This is thanks to the exponential improvement in mobile hardware, apps, HTML5 web design, and VR/AR headsets becoming more available and affordable, paving the way for more demand.

LNG Studios and AntiSocial Solutions at the BCAMA Marketing Innovation Experience

Experiential marketing is well-regarded by marketers and consumers for the value from real life experiences. With VR/AR becoming increasingly more accessible to both marketers and consumers, “virtual” experiential marketing is building in popularity.

Through phones, websites and headsets, we can now interact and explore in a much more immersive way. Explore a vacation hotspot before booking your ticket. Tour a new interior design to your condo before committing to real-world updates. Visualize a new product in 3D before production even begins. Attend an event without leaving the comfort of your home.

We were excited to be a sponsor for this year’s #bcamaMIE conference, along with our friends at LNG Studios who were also exhibitors. LNG studios are a creative visualization agency, specializing in virtual reality, architecture, and real estate. They are a collection of 3D artists, designers, and producers who bring physical concepts to life in a way that no words, graphics or animation can do alone. Check their work out at