Brand Cohesion: It's why red and yellow will always remind you of McDonald's.

Brand cohesion should be at the forefront of all of your brand strategies. Without it, your audience won’t know what to expect, your strategies will be confusing, and — worse — your company will seem like it doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Brand cohesion explained:

Brand cohesion is, essentially, having a brand that is the same across all platforms and communications. It means ensuring consistency throughout everything that you do.

This involves fonts, graphics, logos, colours, and the tone of voice you write in. This also involves, however, the overall feel of your brand reflecting what you stand for and what you are selling or providing.

Common Mistakes in Brand Cohesion, Easily Avoided

Know Your Audience

We cannot stress this enough. In order to create an effective brand, you need to know what your audience wants, first.

Your audience on Twitter can be different from your audience on Instagram, or the people who are regularly visiting your site. While you can adjust your strategy between platforms, be sure not to sacrifice who and what your brand essentially is while doing it.

Take on Causes That Make Sense

Often, businesses will want to champion causes that they feel personally connected to — which is great. Charitys and nonprofits are often driven by an emotional connection and innate desire to help. These good intentions can be derailled, however, through poor execution that doesn’t fit with brand cohesion.

Take the Pepsi-Kardashian ‘Black Lives Matter’ debacle, for example. Pepsi attempted to champion the BLM movement along with Kendall Jenner in an incredibly cringey commercial that degraded the magnitude of racial tension. Maybe they had good intentions but the end result was a full-out Twitter witch hunt.

Don’t Make Decisions Based on Your Own Personal Preferences

Your favourite colour might be purple but is it a good idea to make the logo for your funeral home magenta? Keep this in mind when you’re pitching (or being pitched) campaign ideas that seem fun and exciting — but may not fit in with your brand.

Putting It Off 

Startups, small businesses, or people new to their industry in general can fall victim to this mistake. Building a cohesive brand persona before you start marketing will save you time and money in the long run.

Brand cohesion

Brand Cohesion, Done Right

Brand Cohesion Across All Platforms 

Your colours, logo, tone of voice, everything your brand touches across every platform is unified. You should be able to hold your business card up against your Instagram feed and have it match like the outfit your mom picked out for you on your first day of school.

Everything Points Back to What Your Business is Doing 

There’s a reason why Toys R’ Us chose bubble letters for their logo.

The FCL (Federated Co-operatives Limited) or, the Co-op chooses a friendly, neighbourhood vibe for their tone, voice, and all-around brand. They provide groceries, fuel, and home centres to communities, allowing members of that community to get cash back on the store’s sales. They are, in everything they do, the ultimate neighbour.

The Co-op’s business is taking care of their community. They’ve turned being a neighbour into a business model and everything about their brand speaks to that.