Being Bruna Arbex

Bruna Arbex is a Brazillian filmmaker who came to Canada in 2017 to pursue her passion for directing. Known for her keen eye and excellent editing skills, Bruna is a creative force within the film industry. She is also the full-time Creative Manager at AntiSocial Solutions and a valued part of our media team. Some of Bruna’s most notable projects at AntiSocial have included the More Rewards Surprise and Delight for Save-On-Foods and the My Moe’s Ambassador campaign featuring Morgan Browne. 

Bruna has been directing films for the last three years. Some of her exciting work includes her short film La Ceri-se which won the student film award at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in 2018 and was screened at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival last year. Bruna is no stranger to the creative industry and a quick browse through her Vimeo can show you the high-quality work that she is known to produce.

Recently, Bruna applied to the prestigious Crazy 8’s film contest. Her short film entitled This Is A Period Piece has been chosen to be one of the six films that the competition will finance, giving her a locally sponsored production package, $1,000 in cash and 8 days to complete her captivating short. Finished films will be screened at the Crazy 8’s Gala Event on February 22nd, 2020, where Vancouver’s central film community will be in attendance.

Bruna Arbex from AntiSocial Solutions digital marketing headshot
crazy 8's film competition bruna arbex from AntiSocial Solutions

Getting Creative With Crazy 8's

The Crazy 8’s film competition in Vancouver has been running since 1999. It is often thought of as the best way to launch a film career in BC. The competition begins with hundreds of submissions that are slowly whittled down to a promising six proposals. Once accepted, filmmakers are given 8 days to produce their short film. “It’s fast! It’s fun! It’s Crazy!”

Some of the Crazy 8’s alumni include Zach Lipoksy who now directs for Disney, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers who was named the Sundance Film Institute’s Merata Mita Film Fellow in 2018, and Coreen Mayrs who has won two Primetime Emmys amongst another staggering 19 nominations.

This Is A Period Piece (a film by Bruna Arbex)

Bruna’s Crazy 8’s submission, This Is A Period Piece, is a dark dramedy set in the 1990s that tells the story of a Riley, a 13-year-old Brazillian tomboy who gets her period for the first time. Riley lives alone with her single father and has no prominent female role model in her life. With no previous knowledge of her biology, Riley is terrified by this new appearance of blood. She feels betrayed by her body and by the 90’s commercial media that floods her television, hammering down expectations of sexuality and what a perfect female should be. The film takes a surreal, dream-like turn as Riley attempts to make sense of what is happening to her body, while simultaneously feeling disconnected from her male friends, her father, and her own self. This Is A Period Piece attempts to understand gendered identity, the way the female body is portrayed in the media, and aims to break the taboo of periods once and for all.

AntiSocial Solutions' Bruna Arbex location scouting for her short film this is a period piece
AntiSocial Solutions' Bruna Arbex location scouting for her short film this is a period piece

Breaking Taboos With Inclusive Filmmaking

Bruna Arbex herself was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and the story of Riley is based on Bruna’s own life. The themes of media influence, a lack of accurate female representation, and societies’ ignorant views on female biology are all known themes for the young director.

By making This Is A Period Piece, Bruna hopes to show her place in the film industry as a female director, using a female lead, telling stories about feminine topics that may not have otherwise been given space to be discussed.

“Every year in Vancouver the film scene seems to get more promising towards including female, queer-driven narratives, which is great for filmmakers like myself. I see opportunities to grow my career over here in ways I would never have seen back home in Brazil. In fact, I don’t think I would ever get funding for a story about periods over there… Having said that, I do believe we could expand our horizons for more multicultural stories. Sometimes it feels like there’s a bit of a “club” [in the Vancouver film scene] that tends to book most of the paid jobs. There are so many talented people from all over the world trying to break through in Vancouver so maybe it’s time to open up more towards it and collaborate with them.”

Go Get 'Em, Bruna

Through her artistic work, Bruna is pioneering new ways of viewing the feminine that move beyond traditional norms. By creating an inclusive space to speak about taboo issues, Bruna hopes that future generations of women can feel more comfortable in their bodies and avoid the embarrassment and psychological trepidity that Riley faces.

AntiSocial Solutions is proud to employ some of the best creatives in the city and is committed to supporting diverse, inclusive projects across all forms of media. Congratulations to Bruna and her team for this big win, we can’t wait to see where this takes you.

Interested in working with Bruna? Contact our media team today.

AntiSocial Solutions' bruna arbex location scouting for her crazy 8's short film