Guerilla marketing at it's finest: Burger King capitalizes on traffic jam to sell burgers.

The ‘Traffic Jam Whopper’ service started in Mexico City but will soon branch out to L.A., Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

The ‘Traffic Jam Whopper’ delivers Burger King Whoppers to people stuck in Mexico City’s notorious traffic gridlocks. According to BK’s case study, the publicity stunt increased daily delivery orders in Mexico by a whopping 63% (pun intended) and the daily download rate of the BK app by 44%.

By using real-time traffic data, the app determines which area is the most congested, targets that through Waze banner ads and digital billboards, alerting drivers when the delivery service is available to them.

The delivery range is within a three-kilometer radius to a brick and mortar Burger King, where one lucky employee will grab the burgs, jump on a motorcycle, and whip through the traffic jam to the hungry drivers. Meanwhile, the billboards update in real-time, letting drivers know when their food is approaching. Genius.

The idea was brought to BK by the same people who created the edible six-pack rings for Saltwater Brewery.