Canadian companies at the Cannes Lions 2019 awards are off to a good start.

There were 11 Canadian campaigns in total in the Cannes Design category, three of which have been awarded a Bronze Lion.

Poster Banks

Leo Burnett’s “Poster Banks” campaign for TD involved teaching kids how to save their money. The posters involved in the campaign depicted items kids wanted to purchase, like video game controllers and guitars. The posters had space for toonies, loonies and quarters, acting as a sort of piggy bank for kids to save up for the item they wanted.

Pass the Bill

“Pass the Bill” was created for Leaf Forward by Rethink. The campaign saw all “152 pages of Bill C-45, known as the Cannabis Act, [printed] onto rolling papers using safe, non-toxic ink.” They then packaged the papers to resemble official government documents. Those imbibing in cannabis use could then “pass the bill” as they celebrated legalization.

The Impactful Reminder

Sid Lee’s “The Impactful Reminder” was created for the city of Montreal. They displayed three destroyed vehicles along Rue Notre Dame. The cars were to-scale representations of crashes that happened due to texting and driving.

Pride Shield

In Outdoor, Rethink won the solo Canadian Bronze Lion for “Pride Shield“, a campaign created for Fondation Emergence. The campaign lined up 193 Pride Flags which were then shot. The 193 flags represented each country in the world, and they symbolized how working together, we can fight abuses of the LGBTQ2+ community. Collectively, the flags stopped the bullet that was fired through them.