Business, Creator, or Personal?

What your goals are will define what the best Instagram profile is for your brand.

Creator Profiles

Instagram rolled out Creator profiles to target their most active users: Influencers and content creators. Creator profiles are similar to Business profiles with a few, key differences. While some of the features are very similar, the Creator Studio Dashboard is organized with their needs and wants in mind. Basically, it’s a more user-friendly version for those looking to grow their engagement and following.

  • Analytics created with tracking follower growth in mind
  • Greater information on follower activity, i.e. when their followers are online
  • Follow/unfollow data
  • Filters for your inbox. Great news for Instagram Influencers everywhere. Now, you can filter DM’s from your audience.
  • Designate contact information
  • Shoppable posts directly on Instagram. Your audience doesn’t have to leave the platform anymore to purchase the items on your feed.

Business Profiles

Instagram Business profiles are still likely a better choice if your profile is dedicated to your companies brand. With an Instagram Business profile, you have access to business-forward features still not available to Creator or Personal accounts.

Your Business account:

  • Access to Instagram Analytics about followers demographics and posts
  • Ability to promote IG posts as ads
  • Add links in a Swipe Up option to IG Stories (with over 10k followers)
  • Contact button
  • ‘Quick reply’ DM feature

Personal Profile

If you’re not trying to sell anything or promote anything, keep your Instagram account personal. You have the option of becoming a private account, and there’s really no reason to worry about Instagram Analytics unless you have to for your business.