The Story

Dance the Slurp, an original recording produced by 7-Eleven, is a silly and catchy retro tune from the late 60s. We partnered with 7-Eleven to remix the track and create a #DanceTheSlurp social media dance challenge.


We worked with a two-time Grammy award winner and Canadian music producer Chin Injeti to remix the original song. To create the dance move to go along with the song, we partnered with an award-winning Canadian choreographer, Carlo. “The Slurp” was created as an easy enough move for beginners, but also allowed advanced dancers to get more creative. Involving the dance community was crucial to have the most authentic buy-in from the general public, while also inspiring them to submit dance videos and engage with branded content. We contacted the top 15 dance studios in Canada (based on their Instagram), gave them a one page brief of the campaign and a small cash prize that they could give to participants at their studio.

We then set up geolocated search keywords so we could see any #DanceTheSlurp content posted by dancers in specific communities. We also contacted (primarily hip hop) dance influencers and choreographers across Canada with a follower count ranging from 1,000 to 50,000. We sent them a custom digital package that had links to videos of the dance choreo, the song, the why behind the campaign, as well as the proper links, hashtags and handles to tag when posting their dance challenge. Once we had the dance audiences on board, we reached out to content channels across Canada (like Daily Hive, Narcity, and Curiosity) to post 2-3 articles throughout the campaign, which led up to 7-Eleven day.

Nationwide Exposure

We built out over a dozen audience segments to target with digital advertising ads on Google products (search, display, pre-roll) and social platforms (Facebook Canvas, display, video, Instagram feed, IG TV). Paid advertising, influencers, and content channels were used to ensure that #DanceTheSlurp extended past 7-Eleven’s platforms. We used the UGC from the dance studios, influencers, and the general public to create graphic and video content and placed ad spend behind them. We hosted weekly social contests on Facebook and Instagram asking people to engage with dance and Slurpee related trivia to win vintage 7-Eleven t-shirts and #DanceTheSlurp swag. Each of the campaign’s 30 influencers was encouraged to record and post a #DanceTheSlurp video in their own style and call on their community to post their renditions

We also created a #DanceTheSlurp landing page, which acted as a hub for campaign and dance information, submission review, celebrating 50 years of Slurpee, and also a place to shop custom 50th anniversary Slurpee swag like T-Shirts designed by us. By the end of the campaign, we had thousands of #DanceTheSlurp uploads by kids, influencers, professional dancers, cheer teams, millennials, and over 11 million social impressions of #DanceTheSlurp social content. Overall, the creative implementation of this campaign followed the consumer journey through the enjoyment of Slurpee (whether it be current or nostalgic), the fun associated with the Slurpee brand, and the community that Slurpee has built and continues to build.