The Story

Beedie Luminaries is a social-profit enterprise designed to give promising BC students the opportunity to advance their education, achieve their dreams, and inspire others. Being their inaugural year, the main focus was to raise the profile of the program for both prospective students, teachers and parents – ultimately resulting in an increase in applications year on year. 

Social Strategy

To increase awareness of the program, we developed a social strategy that would engage both the current and prospecting students, using student features, program information as well as live-action video and imagery. With the program being seasonal, our strategy was naturally heavily weighted towards the application and announcement season, so keeping engagement and followership consistent throughout the year was crucial. 

By developing a curated, consistent social strategy, we have successfully elevated the profile of the program on social, driving more followers and increased engagement rates that have led to a higher volume of applications for the 2020 cohort.

Emotive Live-Action

Through considered live-action production we could showcase the amazing students and the support framework the program has in place. We produced a series of video shorts that are optimized for social media that focus on significant events in the Beedie Luminary calendar; cohort announcement & 30 days in review.

We endeavoured to create content that was emotive and that would be as relatable as possible to our target audience, without breaching our student’s privacy. We have successfully given the brand an aesthetic that is carried through the copy, video and photography that both tugs on your heartstrings and inspires you at the same time. 

Adding Value

The Luminarie program is more than just a scholarship, so too should the social feed. So, we asked ourselves, ‘why would I follow this brand?’.As a student and benefactor or the program you might feel obliged to follow the social channels, but if you aren’t a student what value can we add that will continue to drive engagement and awareness of the program.

Through graphic design, animation and live-action we introduced Beedie as a destination for information sourcing and sharing. Be it about the program itself, or tips and tricks on working from home. We also looked to leverage the program’s biggest asset – the students themselves. Through interview features and student spotlights, we not only gave the students a stage to shine but gave prospecting and future students an insight into the program.