The Story

The client really wanted to showcase the diversity of the property, which is simultaneously a residential, business, and creative property. Combining these three categories is not common practice in real estate listings, but it gave us an opportunity to draw on our extensive agency experience.

Creating Connection With Creative Content

We created a 2-minute lifestyle listing video that provided the viewer with a captivating look at the unique space. Talent was hired to act as the owners and employees to help sell the story. 

Animated text provided bite-sized pieces of information regarding the specs of the property. The idea was to deliver the dream and the facts alongside each other, in order to create a truly mesmerizing lifestyle experience.

A Little PR Goes Far

Our campaign incurred city-wide recognition, even landing a top spot on one of Vancouver’s best-known publications, Daily Hive. The article “A look inside: $4.7-million Vancouver home with company office and music studio” reached 4 Million Unique Readers, 899K Facebook Followers, 832K Instagram Followers, and 600.4K Twitter Followers. Read more about the campaign here.