The Story

Co-op CRS is a community-driven, membership-based retailing system with independent stores offering a range of services such as agro centres, food stores, gas bars, and home centres. To speak to each business line and match their varying objectives, our team developed a diverse digital strategy that included blogging, social strategy, media buying, and community building. 

Social Strategy Refinement and Adaptable Execution

Co-op always puts their community first. So, when creating their social strategies, our main goal has always been to engage, connect, and educate their members. Gamified posts incentivize user interaction in our interactive Easter Egg Hunt. Our Colour of the Year campaign used polls to gain user feedback. 

User-generated content, like those submitted for National Dog Day, brings members together with fun, positive content. Swift-activation is key for all Co-op content. With multiple business lines and changing campaigns for each, it is always important that we are adaptable, resourceful, and ready for any new challenges.

Dynamic Search Ads on Google

Paid ads help us get our messages to the right markets. We create ads that pinpoint each of Co-op’s Home, Food, and Fuel business lines. These ads reach people searching for content related to our content, with the goal of driving website traffic to Co-op’s blog pages. By creating a diverse network of backlinks, multi-channel ads, and consistent content, we build a complex SEO web that brings new and old customers to Co-op’s online content.

We asked our ambassadors to tell their compelling narratives using Moe’s Home Collection as inspiration. The videos encouraged conversation among Moe’s audience and online ads allowed audiences to view and shop the ambassador’s best-loved Moe’s items, creating instant opportunities for conversions. By driving the tagline: “This is #MyMoes”, we created relatable, popular content that expanded the reach of Moe’s Home’s audience, therefore broadening awareness of their brand.

Engaging Social Ads

Connecting Co-op customers across their channels is an important part of our work. Social ads drive traffic to our blogs and other relevant landing pages, connecting each business line to customers and curated content. 

These ads allow us to market all of Co-op’s various offerings, from food to home building supplies, all under one Co-op CRS account, while still customizing our messaging to specific consumers.