The Story

David Setton is a local Vancouver real estate agent who was looking to revamp his branding with a new look, feel, and tone. Along with updated branding collateral, he was looking for a brand video and photoset that would show the lifestyle aspect of his business.

New Branding

Although David wanted to update his logo, there were specific elements that he wanted to remain (like his iconic speech bubble) and it was our job to take those elements and give them a contemporary feel. We revitalised his logo into a mark that had a clean feel, with an updated colour palette to match.

His branding was to be used across all of his social, web, and print assets, and support a website update to a modern clean look.  Given how long his previous logo had been in use, we wanted to ensure continuity in feel overall, even though the look was to be updated.  Maintaining the speech bubble shape element in his main logo was one of those crucial points of continuity, and we were able to keep this element, modernize it, and make it a visual cue to his nature of being a resource for Vancouver real estate expertise.

The Human Side of Selling Homes

David Setton wanted to increase his brand recognition and show the human side of his business. We decided to shoot the video and photo assets in two parts; one part showcasing his business life, and one part showcasing his personal life. This combination of content allowed us to connect David’s audience to his personality in a compelling way. We also explored his interest and growth in the industry through his relationship with his father, a real estate developer who innovated many types of construction through the 1980’s.

Through this combination of work, family life, and interview, we were able to create a more complete view of David, allowing the viewer to get a sense of his personality, as well as his specialized areas of expertise within the real estate industry.