The Story

To promote the CSA Boot, the top-selling product in the Dayton Boots line, we created a conversion-based landing page that boosted sales and showcased the heart of their brand.

CSA Landing Page

Dayton Boots was looking to boost their product sales. They wanted to create a landing page that was engaging, visually pleasing, and delivered content that was easily digestible by their target market.

Their current site was built on a Shopify platform, which did not give them the freedom of creativity they were looking for. So, we designed and built the site on a WordPress CMS and directly connected the CTA purchase buttons to their main Shopify site. The results were a clean and easy to navigate landing page, that encompassed the Dayton Boots brand as a whole.

Transitioning to Lifestyle Ads

Rather than take a product-focused approach, our team suggested A/B testing lifestyle imagery for media buys. Even with a low budget, we were able to show success with lifestyle ads. Dayton’s team sent us new lifestyle photography based on our recommendations which we redesigned and repurposed towards launching with a larger budget.

The product-focused Facebook ads were seeing a return on ad spend of 2.8 ($2.8 returned for every $1 spent on ads). Comparing apples to apples, we spent $2k on product-focused ads and $2k on lifestyle-focused ads. The transition to lifestyle ads effectively almost tripled the ROAS to 7.41 ($7.41 returned for every $1 spent on ads).