The Story

Before AntiSocial, Kernels’ social media lacked lifestyle imagery. Although their Facebook had a large following, their Instagram needed some work. The goal was to cohesively tie the brand together on social with the combination of lifestyle and product photography.

Spring Lifestyle Imagery

To elevate their lifestyle element, we needed to bring Kernel’s products into everyday scenarios, making them relatable to their demographic. Pre-production for this shoot had a lot of moving parts — hiring the right talent, acquiring the products, renting props, waiting for the perfect weather. 

All of these tie into what we portray on social on behalf of the Kernels brand. Kernels is a fun, light and enjoyable product and we wanted to emulate that with our photography.

Holiday Motion Graphics

These flavours launched during Halloween and holiday season. We wanted to add more personality to the brand on social by incorporating animation and motion into their content plan so we created a 4-week campaign that introduced each flavour.

Our main goal was to drive traffic to their eCommerce website to purchase products and to educate their audience of the new flavours available in-store. The Kernels Popcorn team loved these animations so much that they were displayed on the store’s screens across Canada.

Social Contesting

We used social contesting on both Instagram and Facebook to increase followers on both platforms. Popcorn Picasso was a campaign designed to engage with Kernels’ communities, that encouraged them to visit our stores, purchase the product, and share with their social networks their works of art in order to win fun prizes. This campaign increased brand awareness, engagement and conversions. Kernels Popcorn ran a Facebook contest every Monday called Monday Blitz, giving away a $25 gift card as their prize.

All contest content always encouraged user engagement by asking wholesome family-focused and relevant questions during that time period. For example, we would compare two seasonal flavours, asking which they’d prefer, or ask them what types of flavours they’d like to see on the new menus or even ask the audience to share their family Christmas traditions. Each contest generated almost 1000 comments/entries every week – and these posts were almost always organic. We focused on leveraging their Facebook followers to support their Instagram growth. At the time, their Facebook page had around 25K very loyal followers.