The Story

Growing your business online means connecting with your audience and creating lasting impressions. Through ambassador programs, innovative virtual showings, and dynamic ads, we have helped Moe’s Home Furniture become a household name.

Virtual Trade Show

When the High Point Trade Show was cancelled due to COVID-19, Moe’s Home Furniture decided to launch a digital market that would customize online shopping for their wholesale buyers while continuing to champion their B2B marketing initiatives. To do this, AntiSocial and Moe’s Home designed a 3D digital showroom.

Moe’s repurposed their flagship store’s entire second floor into mini showroom sections, produced detailed videos explaining each collection, and encouraged buyers to register for one-on-one appointments with their sales teams. Through quality content creation, creative planning, strategizing, social media support, and interactive landing pages, we were able to bring the trade show right into the homes of potential buyers.

#MyMoes Campaign

In order to build brand awareness you have to send your message to the right people. Moe’s Home Collection was looking to become a household name; a name that would be trusted and coveted around Vancouver. By using storytelling as a tool, AntiSocial and Moe’s Home collaborated with local ambassadors for the #MyMoes campaign. Creative videos, media buying, and written content were the chosen mediums for these unique stories.

We asked our ambassadors to tell their compelling narratives using Moe’s Home Collection as inspiration. The videos encouraged conversation among Moe’s audience and online ads allowed audiences to view and shop the ambassador’s best-loved Moe’s items, creating instant opportunities for conversions. By driving the tagline: “This is #MyMoes”, we created relatable, popular content that expanded the reach of Moe’s Home’s audience, therefore broadening awareness of their brand.

Moe's Instant Experience

They were not connecting to their audience or not engaging with their online community so we created thematic connect with local brand ambassadors. This allowed the audience to observe influential people’s connection to the Moe’s brand, which allowed them to forge that connection to Moe’s themselves.

This lead to increases in engagement, but more importantly, we were seeing higher quality UGC come through the pipeline through our #MyMoes hashtag. The approach was to build a sense of community.