The Story

Mondevo was looking for assistance in strategizing, executing, and optimizing media buys. With a focus on lead generation and consumer research, we helped them drive sales and recruit long-term customers.

Facebook Lead Forms

We used Facebook Lead forms to identify new customers and connect them with Mondevo. These user forms are a low barrier for consumers and allow us to quickly deliver information to those who are looking for it.

Google Search Keywords + Optimization

Branded and non-branded keywords were used in order to capture audiences searching for Mondevo as well as terms and phrases related to Mondevo’s industry. In addition, keywords related to Mondevo’s specific projects were incorporated.

We included a combination of phrase match, broad match, and exact match to cast a wide net and capture relevant keywords as well as all possible variations.

Facebook + Instagram Ad Optimization

We split test hundreds of image ads and different pairings for CTA’s and copy that were brand adherent. Overtime, we moved towards 1 set of ads that was extremely dominant in performance.

Our best work was in target optimizations where we identified the habits of consumers that were most likely to purchase. We started targeting for their hobbies and interests like sailing, tennis, squash, etc. Which brought our cost per qualified lead down significantly.