The Story

For foodies, securing a spot at your favorite restaurant is no easy feat. OpenTable’s Electronic Reservation Book makes the process a lot easier for diners and restaurants alike. To spotlight some Canadian favorites on the OpenTable reservation network, we were tasked with creating a series of short social videos designed to showcase some signature menu items and encourage diners to continue to book through the OpenTable app.

Nationwide Video Content

Through nationwide video shoots featuring ten restaurants across three Canadian cities, we created a series of short videos and helped OpenTable spotlight local restaurant favorites.

To do this, AntiSocial traversed literal miles to shoot exquisite video at restaurants in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. The videos were then edited in the main AntiSocial office in Vancouver to provide tantalizing consistency across the series.

Live-Action Deliciousness

The purpose of this video series was to showcase dishes from popular restaurants on OpenTable’s restaurant network, enticing diners to book through OpenTable by showcasing the quality of restaurants on their network. The videos were dish-focused and presented the artistry and skills involved in each dish in an engaging way, utilizing slow motion and closeups to feature the dishes in mouthwatering detail.

We were able to showcase five items from each restaurant, providing an exciting menu preview of each restaurants’ offerings. Across three cities we featured ten restaurants: L’Abattoir, Hawksworth, Nightingale, Savio Volpe, Bauhaus, Restaurant Hopkins, Wildebeest, Café Cancan, Figo, Le Filet, and created 50 social videos in total.