The Story

Purpus came onto the market with one message: we are not just another vodka soda. To showcase their originality, we developed a full-fledged brand awareness campaign to show consumers how they could live #WithPurpus.

Brand Direction & Social Media

Our goal with Purpus was to develop a fun and engaging brand and to position Purpus as the official vodka soda of BC and Alberta. We grew their brand from the ground up, from their website to social channels, photo and video media, blog writing, and brand identity.

Aesthetically, we wanted to highlight the playfulness and millennial attitude that Purpus exudes. Lifestyle photography and fresh graphic designs helped us personify their flavours and create human connections between the brand and its consumers.

Originality & Partnerships

Not just another vodka soda means doing things differently. We wanted to create surprising and engaging content that drew in our target market. We used meme culture, gamification, and targeted imagery on Purpus’ social media channels to relate to our millennial audience.

By creating local partnerships and using online media to our advantage, we created a PR scheme for Purpus that included launch coverage, media buying, and co-writing articles. The launch of their brand was a huge success and we were able to gain significant traction in an oversaturated market.