The Story

Triple O’s operates in a competitive ‘fast food’ market. While their quality ingredients and diverse menu differentiate them from other brands, we wanted to elevate their social presence. To make the brand stand out, we needed to break the typical mold for fast food retail. We transitioned the social aesthetic from overly promotional and text-heavy to more vibrant, food-forward photography that improved brand recall.

Social Strategy

As part of the White Spot family, Triple O’s already had an engaged and passionate following. In order to drive additional followers and grow engagement, we leveraged our live-action content using a combination of incentivization, contesting, and gamification to encourage users to engage with posts, create and share user-generated content on their feeds.

With a campaign focus, in addition to the evergreen content, we generated interest in around new menu items and raise the brands profile. With our primary audience wanting quality food on the go, we focused the social feeds on products. By creating thumb-stopping moments, we increased brand awareness while showcasing the quality of the product.

Engagement Pieces

Growing engagement with a pre-established community meant we had to take a more considered and targeted approach. By creating an audience and platform-specific creative – combining live-action, graphic design and motion design – we successfully grew audience engagement in stages.

Utilizing each platform’s in-app features and adapting them where possible to align with the Triple O’s brand provided new opportunities for engagement and social sharing. A large feature of Triple O’s was the introduction and re-introduction of new menu items. These opportunities provided us with an opportunity to build significant hype around the brand, engaging users with our posts while also driving store visits.

Social Photography

Through a variety of photoshoots, we captured Triple O’s signature burgers, fries, and shakes creating a branded aesthetic that can be for transition through to each product launch and relaunch. In addition to food photography, we captured a suite of images behind the scenes, showcasing the new restaurants and featuring the amazing staff  –  connecting the audience to the brand on a human level. 

Curated art direction allowed us to add elements that depicted a lifestyle look without the use of models. In addition, we incorporated varying features of the products in a playful, socially focussed manner to represent the brand’s character. We optimized the output of the live content by utilizing various content forms such as graphic design sticker creations, and GIPHYS.