The Story

With a focus on brand awareness and community education, we helped The Vancouver Police Foundation improve its social presence, optimize its live-action content, and create compelling storytelling pieces to show their local impact.

Brand Video

The foundation’s four essential pillars are Mental Health & Addictions, Youth Programs, Technology & Special Equipment, and Community Outreach. To highlight their commitment to these pillars, we created an educational brand video.

Using footage we captured, along with existing footage from the VPF’s database, we brought their brand to life. Quick shots, voice-overs, and animated lower thirds were used to deliver their message and engage with viewers.

Social Media Campaigns

The VPF wanted to convey to the public the importance of creating safe neighbourhoods. By positioning them as a fun, friendly, and community-oriented organization, we helped deliver that message. We used social media campaigns to connect and educate the audience on the foundation’s initiatives. We supported their #KopsShadesForKids initiative with a series of social contests to drive traffic to the VPF website.

We also captured photography and video assets to highlight the sunglasses as well as increase awareness of the cause. Another campaign we strategized to promote the shades was #MoBros. This campaign leveraged Movember as well as the police ambassadors’ networks to further expand reach. We captured engaging portraits of the Vancouver Police Department officers to humanize the campaign, and show individuality and personality.

Event Marketing Videos

The Foundation had a booth set up at the Vancouver White Caps Home Opener and we showcased the brand video AntiSocial made, which on the Megatron for half-time. We captured this activation and used it as an event recap video to highlight their partnership and community involvement.

We were able to communicate the Foundation’s deep roots in Vancouver and close ties to local sports teams through a fun, fast-paced video piece that was cross-promoted on the Whitecaps’ social pages.

Program Spotlight

We showed the foundation’s unique programs in various ways. From emotional  One example is our video for the Treehouse Centre, a program that helps children heal from trauma. Through emotional storytelling, we were able to approach this sensitive subject matter with kindness and compassion. Intimate interview footage with lower thirds allowed the audience to see firsthand the powerful impact of the centre and the importance of its work.

Visual walkthroughs of the space itself communicated the calming and safe atmosphere that facilitated recovery and openness amongst patients and the Treehouse staff. We also captured a video that showed the technology recently acquired to support the VPD’s Canine Unit. Using a combination of GoPro and live-action content, we created an engaging video that captured the agility needed for a police dog in training.