Community, collaboration, and teamwork were the defining factors of the AntiSocial year

We had a great time creating with Oakwyn this year. This real estate agency prides itself on connection, inclusivity, and success. Oakwyn is not just a real estate firm, but a community, a lifestyle, and a trusted brand. This year we participated in tons of Oakwyn events, from their Pride celebrations to their end-of-the-year holiday party.

AntiSocial believes in Oakwyn’s vision. We wanted to use our media expertise to transform the way people look at real estate firms. Our mission was to showcase the community centred, compassionate, and innovative events that Oakwyn focused on this year.

Our in-house media team took these projects by storm, creating the video, photo, and copy content that impressed both our internal team and our client. Check out some of the great events that we got to be a part of.

Summer Cookout

Oakwyn’s Summer Cookout party included a dunk tank, an AntiSocial-run photo booth, and a delicious backyard barbecue.

On top of all that, Oakwyn chose the BC Children’s Hospital to be the recipient of their Summer Cookout charity initiative. So, not only did we get to hang out in cowboy hats and stoke the grill all day, but all of our hard work positively influenced a great local charity. That’s a win!

Women of Oakwyn Event

The Women of Oakwyn event was created three years ago as a way to celebrate and empower the women of the Oakwyn team. Real estate is a historically male-dominated industry, but Oakwyn has always been about breaking boundaries. The company prides itself on its inclusive and empowering workspaces. 

Our team provided photos of this inspiring event and we also got to execute a round-table video that was used as promotional material. See that below!


This year, Oakwyn took its support of the LGBTQIA+ community public with its Pride Celebration event. Oakwyn agent Erik Carlson shared some great words with us in an exciting Oakwyn blog.

Words from Erik Carlson: “I have felt, with the leadership in the company, that there has never been anything but a sense of acceptance, that it’s a family. We’re all the same within [Oakwyn], it doesn’t matter what your demographic is, whatever letter you are, whether it’s part of the LGBTQ2+ or anything else.”

AntiSocial provided some wicked photo and blog content for this event. Check it out!

Oakwyn real estate agents celebrate pride in Vancouver, BC with AntiSocial Solutions team

Fairmont Holiday Party

Oakwyn’s theme for 2019 was Human Connection. Their holiday party, hosted at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, featured a live pianist, masquerade ball, and photo booth hosted by the AntiSocial team, in collaboration with Moe’s Home Furniture.

Thanks to everyone at Oakwyn for making this year such a fun, creative journey for us all. We can't wait to see what happens next!

Oakwyn agents and family pose at summer cookout photobooth for AntiSocial Solutions