AntiSocial is proud to boast a talented in-house content production team that creates photo, video, and design media for a diverse range of brands.

In light of social distancing measures, our team was forced to modify their production efforts and re-think many pre-laid plans. At first, we were perplexed by the idea of remote production. But with a few simple pivots and a lot of creative thinking, we were able to create an amazing virtual campaign for our client Moe’s Home Collection.

Check out our work for the Moe’s Home Virtual Tradeshow and stay tuned for more at-home media projects from your favourite team of creatives.

Welcome to Moe's Digital Market

Moe’s Home Collection operates solely through brick and mortar sales. COVID-19 forced the closure of their stores and cancelled their upcoming tradeshows. This, combined with the absence of an eCommerce presence, meant that we needed to drive sales through different means. The Moe’s showroom is a big part of their sales experience. Being able to see and feel the quality of the pieces, the details of their design, and the ways that you can style a room really helps drive sales. Our goal was to replicate this experience digitally.

Safety First

The safety of our teams was absolutely paramount. We sent a two-person team to the Moe’s Home store and took any and all precautions by making sure there was only a maximum of 5 people on-site at any time. The clients cycled through on-camera talent as needed and we had them mic themselves to avoid any close contact. We also disinfected every microphone between talent and maintained a safe distance while filming.

Bringing Moe's Home

In lieu of their physical tradeshow, the Moe’s team came together to showcase their 2020 collection virtually. They created a series of staged rooms to show the furniture and had their talent walk us through the rooms. They focused on design elements, materials, and thoughtful details that made the pieces unique. Our content team was able to capture a sense and feel of the furniture that is usually only possible in a physical setting.

Content at a Distance

Normally, our team wouldn’t be involved in Moe’s Home tradeshows, so it was an exciting opportunity for us to do something new with the company. We put our whole team to work on this project, even our lead Producer Warren Fenton. We filmed 13 different setups, a welcome and goodbye message, and we did all of the animations in-house. The scope of this project meant that we really had to nail the pre-production because it would be easy to miss something and very hard to recover any lost footage. Organization on-site was also very important to ensure we adhered to the social distancing guidelines.

The Results

With the help of ur virtual tradeshow Moe’s Home managed to pull in:

  • 1,405 registrations 
  • 1,708 visitors in the Main page
  • 22 bookings for virtual tour

On top of those numbers, our team and the team at Moe’s came together to create something innovative for their business during the crisis. We proved that creative thinking and a bit of will power can lead us through even the strangest of times.

If you’re looking to create virtual content during this time, reach out to us. Let’s create together.