Could Corona's Fit Packs save the turtles? Probably.

Corona’s newest design to combat plastic in the oceans won a bronze lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

Created by Grupo Modelo, a Mexican beer company, the Fit Pack is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic six-pack rings. The design, created in conjunction with Corona and the American advertising company Leo Burnett, combats single-use plastics with a simple approach.

Instead of looping the cans together, the Fit Pack redesigns the top and bottoms of the cans to be threaded, creating a stackable tower of cans. The result is an easy-to-carry beer walking stick that doesn’t even require a bag to transport.

Open Source Design.

Clarissa Pantoja, Corona’s brand director, said the company hopes to create change amongst the entire beverage industry. They hope to eliminate plastic use across the board and they’ve started by making the blueprints for the Fit Pack open source. Any other company can use these plans free of charge if they would like to reduce their environmental impact, too.

This isn’t Corona’s first time attempting to solve the six-pack plastic ring problem. They also tested out an edible six-pack ring last year in an attempt to be environmentally friendly.