The name of the game is innovation!

AntiSocial is always pushing for new knowledge, understanding, and creativity in our creative content. 

In all our years of creating media, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve faced challenges, overcome obstacles, and ultimately we’ve grown into the coveted company that we are today.

AntiSocial x WhiteSpot

AntiSocial and White Spot have had an exciting relationship together. We have had the chance to create media for them in a variety of ways, including video, photo, and ad content.

The ability to work closely with our clients is something that we value. Our relationship with White Spot has given us tons of opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate our creative processes. Check out some of the cool work we have done for White Spot over the years.

12 Days of Giveaways Product Shoot

A great example of this is a recent shoot we did with WhiteSpot for their 12 Days of Giveaways promotion, which awards WhiteSpot followers gift cards, event tickets, cool swag, and a grand prize of a year of free burgers!

This is the third year that AntiSocial has been involved in this holiday promotion and we enjoy pushing our creative limits each year. 

Our team created photo and graphic content which resulted in a large influx of followers on the WhiteSpot page. With our help, they reached 10K followers and earned the coveted swipe up link! 

Making It Work

One thing that we have learned over the years is that lighting is crucial. There have been shoots in the past where poorly lit conditions proved to be very challenging. In the same way, direct sunlight can be just as difficult to shoot in.

In order to deliver the highest quality photo content, we brought studio lights to the Burnaby location so that we could have broad, clear lighting that would bring out the natural beauty of the products. We wanted to show every detail and color in these exciting new menu items. 

The AntiSocial social team chose really great props for this shoot, focusing on natural items that highlighted the fresh ingredients of the products. We had strawberries, fresh rosemary, citrus, and more. Props let us tell a visual story, deconstructing the elements of each menu item and showcasing what makes that item unique.

The Wins

All of the products were delicious and thoughtful. Our images were made to match.

The cocktails were fun to shoot because translucent liquid leaves room for a lot of light and glow. Again, the innovative props that the social team chose really worked to tell a story with our images, and we were really proud of that.

Key Points for Quality Product Shots

  • Lighting, Lighting, Lighting — Don’t make us say it again.
  • Consistency — Positioning your camera and keeping each shot consistent will ensure that you’re images are fluid and functioning across the board. Scale is key!
  • Styling — Beautiful product shots require a creative eye. Props, background, and product quality will all contribute to the final result.
  • Have fun with it — Creativity always speaks for itself. Finding fun and original ways to place, shoot, and light the product makes your images stand out. Don’t be basic!

The most important note is to have a great team! Working with talented creatives is something that AntiSocial values above all else. Thanks to our media squad for another slam dunk. We appreciate ya.