Afforded the opportunity to film in White Spot's studio-grade test kitchen, the AntiSocial media team were able to produce a mouth-watering piece of art.

It’s a fact of life, lasagna is sexy. But, when Creative Manager Cristobal Ruiz and Media Manager Warren Fenton turned their lenses onto White Spot’s cheesy dish, magic happened.

Our team is often tasked with capturing footage in live situations: events, parties, and restaurants during a dinner rush are all the norm. So when we were given the chance to film the food industry in a controlled environment, we jumped on it. White Spot provided us with access to their test kitchen — a place where Ruiz and Fenton had full reign over creative direction. And the results are incredible.

We sat down with Ruiz to talk about the process behind the video.

Cristobal, what was different about the environment of this shoot?
Cristobal Ruiz: “Before, when we shot food videos, the setting would be an active restaurant’s kitchen with people working. They would be busy with traffic and food being prepared. Normally, we wouldn’t have so much control of the elements. For the first time, we were able to access the White Spot test kitchen — it’s a clean, open space with really good light. It gives you control of the elements you want to film so instead of depending on what we are given, we are now given a studio-like kitchen where we can make decisions that we couldn’t normally make.

What was the inspiration behind this video?

CR: “The idea behind this video was to tell the story of this dish, which was inspired by one of the Red Seal Chef’s grandmothers. Every year the Red Seal Chef’s of White Spot hold a competition, the first place winner gets a spot on the White Spot menu. This video is about the dish that won.”

white spot lasagna food photography

Tell us a bit more about the winning dish.

CR: “Jordan Chew, a Red Seal Chef, took inspiration from a lasagna his grandmother makes. He entered the competition with Dillon Penman, his mentor and fellow Red Seal Chef. Winning this competition is a huge stepping stone for them as a chef. You know, they started at the bottom and worked their way up. Then, after so much hard work, they enter this competition and win. Now their names are on the White Spot menu. It’s huge.”

What were some creative decisions Fenton and yourself made?

CR: “One decision we made was to turn the lights off in the kitchen, and use dramatic lighting on the elements we had. It became a Chef’s Table inspired sequence of the lasagna. We wanted to steer away from just filming a plate of what we were handed so we focused on creating a sequence of beautiful, well thought out and properly lit elements of this simple dish. We celebrated it by capturing it in a way that looks as cinematic as possible.”

And you were able to do this because you had control of the environment?

CR: “Yes, that was one of the biggest things. We had full control of light, elements, ingredients, and time. We weren’t restricted. Normally, in an active kitchen, you can’t ask to redo the shot. You have to work with what you’ve got, and you have to work fast.”

What were some of the challenges with this shoot?

Cristobal laughs, “Well… There were some filming secrets that took place… But if I tell you, then I have to kill you.”

We’re pretty sure he’s joking.

CR: “One thing that was really great about this shoot is that it gave us a chance to really collaborate and work together with the chefs. We could talk to the chefs and hear their opinion about the dish, that ended up making the results a hundred times better.”

Cristobal thinks for a minute before reflecting, “We have set a new standard on quality of shooting. Also, there are some exciting shoots and campaigns coming up from us collaborating with White Spot so stay tuned.”

CR: “Oh, and that lasagna is f*cking delicious.”