It’s never been more important for brands to listen to their audience. Creative UGC offers brands the opportunity to not only listen to their audience and get important insights and opinions, but it also grants access to a host of relatable content for repurposing (it’s a win win).

People have time on their hands and are more active on their phones than ever so make the most of it! Now is the perfect time to ask for more interaction and creativity from your audiences via UGC.

Read on for our favourite creative UGC campaigns from the last year, and get ready to take notes.

Urban Fare: Community Recipes

Urban Fare’s Chef Life Shared campaign asks one simple thing of their followers: embrace the chef within. Inspiring the Urban Fare audience to don chef aprons and get in the kitchen has been our goal with this campaign. From mouthwatering creative to bold copywriting our army of amateur chefs has been taking on quite the culinary journey!

Using creative UGC has been a great way for us to connect as a community and get every chef’s voice heard. We used polls and IG storied to collect insight from our audience and have used that data to build crowd-sourced recipes. The fun interactive element elevates the UGC into brand new intuitive content and furthers our client’s connection with their audience.

Dayli: #TheDayliDose

UGC is a vital part of our work with Dayli. We use creative UGC as a way to celebrate our Dayli community and acknowledge their efforts. It’s how we have successfully built an engaged audience. When we share and credit a follower, they (and their followers) are more likely to follow and engage with us on a continued basis.

Brand affinity is so vital for this new brand, so it’s important to show the product in action and how our audience incorporates Dayli into their everyday lives. We regularly look through our tagged photos and posts under relevant hashtags #Dayli #DayliDose #TransformYourWater to find beautiful imagery and reviews from our very own customers to use as creative UGC. It’s a great way to build up our library of content that extends beyond product photography and stock photography.

Co-op: You Do Hue Design Challenge

Our Colour of the Year campaign for Co-op is always designed to be highly engaging and engageable, so UGC plays a huge part. 2021 Colour of the Year involved two components: a FB contest where the audience got to vote for their preferred colour, and a creative UGC contest where they to show off how they would use it.

We tasked our audience to brush off their interior design skills and show us how they would dress the colour in different room settings. We made an IG Story background along with branded GIFs and encouraged followers to use stickers on Instagram to design their own rooms. The results were fun, interactive, and gave Co-op customers an exciting new way to interact with the brand.

As always if you’re looking for ways to elevate your brand’s presence online and want to harness the power of UGC, reach out to us!