This is Cristobal Ruiz, one of our in-house cinematographers.

He values personal connections, getting to know the subjects of his photography and videography work. He is inspired by people putting in the effort to live out their passions, which we saw in him when he moved from Chile to Canada to pursue a career in cinematography.

For each client and their project, he seeks out this connection and passion to express it for them visually. He knows that social media has given brands the ability to connect more personally as well. Through his visual storytelling, he connects our clients’ passion to their audience via social media.

Check out our video above to see his professional projects and his passion project on the salt workers of the Peruvian Andes, and hear what drives him to pursue both.

Follow Cristobal on Instagram at @cristobalfromchile and visit him at

Cristobal Ruiz - Cinematographer - AntiSocial Solutions