Beedie Luminaries, the scholarship for kids with grit.

The Beedie Luminaries scholarship program isn’t your average grant. It’s for “students with potential who are facing financial adversity. Students who are smart, but constrained by circumstance. Students who are resilient and gritty. Students who are ready to make a positive change in their lives.”

We were lucky enough to meet these students and hear their stories.

Cristobal Ruiz, the Creative Manager of AntiSocial, documented what this scholarship meant to 6 of the 80 Beedie Luminarie recipients. Capturing the emotion behind these students’ stories had a lasting impact on our team.

Beedie luminaries scholarship

Cristobal, tell us a bit about the project:

Cristobal Ruiz: “As you know, Beedie Luminaries is a scholarship program given to about 80 students in Metro Vancouver. The beautiful thing about the scholarship is that it’s not just based on academic excellence but also on integrity. It gives bright, underprivileged kids a chance to compete at the same level as someone who has the means.”

What did the video you shot consist of?

CR: “The video consisted of telling that story. The story of how this group of really smart and grounded high school graduates won this scholarship. We got the chance to work with six of them for the piece and got to know them. It was interesting because they’re intelligent, down-to-earth kids talking about world issues like politics, today’s youth, and the importance of not being on your phone all day.”

It was really cool to get to see the future generation being so aware of important issues like global warming, being okay being yourself, and not being so influenced by social media and other external things. You could tell they had a vision for what’s truly important in life, and they came from backgrounds that were so humble. They were so resilient. They went through so much to get to that point and based on their efforts and who they were as human beings, they won this scholarship. And this scholarship will change the course of their entire life. It will change their future.”

Beedie Luminaries scholarship

What did you think about the process?

CR: “Being able to be a part of that process is important. It’s super cool, to be a part of the scholarships inaugural year. We didn’t just end up with a storytelling piece, we got to know and learn from such young kids. We got to learn a lot more than what we thought it was about. It was very unexpected.”

What did you take away from this project?

CR: “It was very emotional. Some of the kid’s stories were very emotional. They would tell you about how they still work and help their parents out. There was one girl, her mother came from Nigeria when she was young. She took her chances and moved to Canada and raised her daughter with nothing. And now her daughter is able to win this scholarship… Without the scholarship, these kids wouldn’t have the funds or the means to go to school. It was proof that when you work hard and don’t stop, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.”

For us to be able to create pieces that go beyond advertising a product or a brand is so valuable… Being able to document stories that change peoples lives means a lot to us as a team. Cristobal Ruiz, Creative Manager