Cristobal Ruiz and Santiago de Hoyos paired up with Engels and Volkers agent Ian Tang to create a dramatic property-centred piece.

We sat own with Cristobal Ruiz, AntiSocial’s Creative Manager, to discuss filming a movie-trailer style piece with a massive historical building as the star.

Cristobal Ruiz: “This project was really interesting – we treated it as more of a Hollywood trailer than a plain tour, we wanted to add elements that we haven’t seen before in real estate media production. We created a dramatic trailer style piece that we got our inspiration from shows like Abstract or Chefs Table.

We made use of the blueprints of the building to create some really interesting animations that were used as a background for all of the text throughout the video. The background is real footage of the blueprints that we overlayed in post-production.

The entire video had a well-defined mood and direction.

For the effect with the blueprints, Santiago de Hoyos our head of media production stood above Cristobal holding lights while Cristobal filmed. Santiago ‘painted’ the blueprints with the lights while Cristobal simultaneously moved the camera.

The direction of the video follows a dramatic theme — the property itself is certainly movie-trailer worthy. Pre WW II the building housed the Bank of Japan (there’s a defunct bank vault on the ground floor) and, following a period of disrepair, was remediated and upgraded in 2008 by Kirsten Reite Architecture and Bon Constructors Inc.

CR: “The building is interesting because when you look at it from the outside it looks very unassuming. When you enter, you realize you’re entering a historical building that was redesigned to fit a modern style. The first thing you notice are these big concrete walls that have an industrial feeling, there are desks on the first floor alongside huge concrete walls – it’s a combination of old and new. 

Then you discover that the building is huge – something you don’t realize until you enter. Once you pass the office space, you take a set of stairs into a huge garage that gives you access to the rest of the building.  There’s a high-end soundproof music studio, a dream man (or woman) cave, basically.

Once you go upstairs, you arrive at the residential area that has a huge loft,  1827 square feet. There are these beautifully designed, long hallways and big bright rooms with concrete walls accented with thick wood. The resulting design is a combination of homey and industrial. The space has an open concept kitchen, a fire pit, big wasrhooms… The closets are connected to the bathrooms so you can walk from your room into the closet and to the bathroom.” 

Who do you think will want to live here?

CR: “Someone who is running a business can live on the top in this massive, modern space and still have a full company running downstairs. It’s something we’ve never seen before in any of our past real estate projects. It made for a really unique and interesting piece.”

What was it like working with an agent like Ian Tang on this project?

CR: Ian is super easy to work with. He’s very relaxed, he’s the kind of guy who lets you do your thing — he’s not there micromanaging, he’s there to help. He was helping us set up lights and asking us if we needed anything, he was stoked during the process. He brings up that high energy needed for things like this, especially in the real estate world — it can be a bit more formal, depending on who you’re dealing with. Ian makes you feel like you’re filming with someone you’ve known for a long time.”

Did that translate into the video?

CR: “In a way, for sure. When you’re working with someone that you get along really well with and that you’ve developed a relationship with it brings a different energy into a project.”

The Railtown property is currently being listed for $4.687 million by Katie Burkard and Ian Tang of Engel & Volkers Real Estate and Adam Mitchell and Dan Jordan of Colliers International.