Can you maximize ticket sales and keep a low advertising budget? We did just that with Vancouver's Deighton Cup.

With a limited supply of sunny summer days in Vancouver, big outdoor events have to stay competitive. Often, paid advertising strategy is the best bet for success.

One of Vancouver’s premier luxury events turns 10.

Following in the fashionable footsteps of the Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup, and other famed derbies, the Deighton Cup marked their decade-long streak in 2018 with many more to come. A yearly Instagrammable festival of horse racing, mixologists, canapés, and classy outfits, their 10th anniversary was set to be the biggest. After our social media and paid advertising success with the Hopscotch Festival, we came on board to do the same for the Deighton Cup.


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Leveraging the Deighton Cup brand.

As an event unique in Vancouver with a notable 10-year history, the Deighton Cup stands out among any other outdoor summer or luxury event. What makes it so special is also what makes it more niche. $75 tickets to $6,000 private group suites, with attendees indulging in gourmet lunches, refreshments, betting on races, and a fancy outfit. If you have a ticket, you’re ready to go all out and have fun.


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Accuracy and efficiency through paid advertising strategy.

Vancouver luxury events paid Instagram story marketing

Our goal was to promote the Deighton Cup’s exclusive appeal and reach the right audience that values that experience. This included returning and potential attendees, as well as remarketing to convince people on the fence. The most accurate and efficient way to target these groups was through paid advertising strategy, including Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram.

We identified and segmented audiences, such as men and women, using A/B testing for ads to see what worked best. As the event drew closer, ads were updated with remaining ticket counts to drive urgency. This was integrated with email marketing and social media management, including organic/non-promoted posts. Giveaways on Facebook and Instagram were used to drive engagement, encouraging tagging and sharing. Remarketing through Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram was used to help convince potential attendees that have already shown interest.

  • Our paid advertising strategy achieved a 740% ROI with ad spend over ticket sales.
  • Through Instagram, we brought in strong organic engagement, increasing their Instagram followers by 96% over 5 months with a $0 ad spend.