This summer’s digital marketing season at AntiSocial has been a wild ride.

All summer long, our team has been creating and executing campaigns, shooting and producing cinematic videos and photoshoots, creating websites, writing copy and content, running social media accounts and hustling in every other corner of digital marketing. We took AntiSocial through a rebrand, hired new creatives, and started working with exciting new clients. Life in our digital media agency has been busy, to say the least.

Now, we want to take a minute and look back at our summer highlights before we jump head-first into fall.

Summer Highights From the Top

One of our wise leaders and AntiSocial’s own CEO, Daryl Louie weighed in on our agency’s summer highlights. “We’ve hired new, creative talent to AntiSocial that we’re excited to work with. Our internal team, especially on the social media side, has these fresh new faces — they all bring something new and dynamic to the team,” Dary states. “Our media creation has been outstanding, too. And our campaigns have been so much fun and hard work.

We’ve managed to balance wellness and worklife. The summer is time where a lot of people take vacations — both on the client and the agency side. We went through it pretty smoothly, letting everyone take time to recharge and disconnect.”

Summer Digital Marketing Campaigns That Tell a Story

“The My Moe’s campaign had an incredible storytelling component, working with a variety of visual elements that we don’t often get the opportunity to work with,” Project Manager Christine Michelle states. “Also, meeting the three individuals we filmed and having them be so open to us and allowing us to intrude (in the best way possible) into their lives was incredible. We fell in love with each of them.”

The My Moe’s campaign features three different individuals from Vancouver who are all loyal to the furniture store, Moe’s.

“The Western Family Pop Launch turned out really well,” Santiago de Hoyos states. “It was a great location, the models were amazing, the media team executed everything really well. I also liked the Xumi photo set, too.”

Regarding the Triple O’s Nashville-style Hot Chicken Sandwich video: “For a simple project, the lasso was a crazy idea that we executed really well,” Head of Media, Warren Fenton states. “Everyone kept telling me they didn’t understand how we were going to do it.”

Santiago adds, “From a tech standpoint, that was maybe our best execution this summer.”

“It was way more difficult in terms of actual material execution than what we usually do — it’s different from someone opening a can of soda,” Warren says. “This was a whole other thing with compositing (the spinning lasso is green-screened in). The tech execution was much more challenging and allowed us to do something we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. The story was a very complete thought, too.”

It’s a hot chicken sandwich in the desert, equipped with whip-cracking sound effects, a lasso, and a cowboy hat.

Warren also states, “The Purpus Vodka Soda e-commerce product shots [shot by Olivia Van Dyke] were some of the nicest product-based stuff we’ve ever done. They’re super clean, very simple and she managed to elevate the on-white product shots for their website. The rotation of the can was a very simple to execute but creatively driven idea that gives the product shots a little more life than you usually get.”


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One of our campaigns centred around celebrating an iconic Canadian treat’s 50th anniversary celebration. We created a viral dance campaign called Dance the Slurp and got the entire social team dancing.

“Almost our entire team was working on a 24-hour turnaround,” Project Manager Taylor Lowe states. “We were compiling copy in a calendar in a day, writing KPI reports in 24 hours, our media team was doing pre-production, filming, editing, etc. in 72 hours. But, everyone was so excited to collaborate and were in full send mode!”

Taylor, who headed the project, made sure the entire team was on track and taken care of during the process.

“From a content standpoint, Beedie Luminaries was incredible. The scholarship really helps a lot of people,” states photographer and videographer Tommy Watson. “Graduating highschool is something kids worry about and being able to raise awareness of the tools available to them was really special. Especially kids who aren’t straight-A students — it was a great opportunity to show these kids they have a door to success.”

Looking Forward in Digital Marketing

We asked Daryl what he’s excited about for the future, and he states: “I’m excited to switch into campaign creations and execution for the fall and winter, creating with the respective deptartments to support these campaigns.

There’s campaign ideation and campaign execution, and by the time the public sees the campaigns we ideated and executed live were already in next mode, creating the next campaign for that cleint. We’re always thinking ahead – although it’s still the summer, we’re already operating in mid-October for campaign creations.  I’m excited for fresh things — while we’re  proud of the work we did, we’re moving onto the next thing. Oh, and I’m really looking forward to our windup summer beach party.”