Digital Marketing for Tech Companies: Oli Dickerson on the Humorous Approach We Took with XUMI

We sat down with Oli Dickerson to talk about the recent video we produced for Xumi. Xumi is a “secure payment service provider” or, security app for your phone. Occasionally, the challenge with digital marketing for tech companies lies in products and services which aren’t inherently ‘sexy’ or funny. And so, creating engaging campaigns while still staying true to what the brand represents can become difficult. Fortunately, we view these challenges as an opportunity to think of unique solutions.

Oli Dickerson and the AntiSocial team collaborated with the Xumi team on the concept for the app’s launch campaign. We created a video that is not only funny, engaging, and pays homage to Vancouver’s natural beauty, but also honestly communicates what Xumi is providing: security from vulnerability.

What was the inspiration behind the Xumi No Pants video?
Oli Dickerson: “The whole theme is insecurity and being vulnerable. The concept came from Juliana, our client. She had this funny idea of a big burly man with no pants on. So we developed the concept from there. We made it a bit more PG and combined it with a motorcycle riding around Vancouver, as a tip of the hat to where the app was made.”

We originally were going to put up in Yaletown but thought it would be a logistical nightmare so we took it to Stanley Park instead, heading up to the viewpoint. It worked out great, there were heaps of tourists so it created a funny end product.”

Tell us about the filming itself. How did the shoot go?
“We were lucky enough to have Cristobal’s vehicle which is an SUV so we propped up the hatch. The scene where we have Santiago de Hoyos coming out of the garage on the bike, we had Tommy Watson sitting in the back with the gimble, filming.

When we moved through Stanley Park we have a few shots where Tommy was leaning out of the window, filming handheld. The stabilization in these shots is very impressive.”

What were some challenges the team faced on this shoot?
“You’ve always got traffic in Vancouver. We thought we had picked a time when the traffic would be less busy but it still took us 20 minutes to get 5 metres on the road out of Stanley Park.

Time is often an issue. We combatted this time crunch by everyone working efficiently, everyone knowing what shots to get, and working well together. Everyone bought into the concept of the shoot and knew what they were doing going into it.”

Overall, how was the video received?
OD: “I think it went down really well. I told my mom that I was the bottomless chaps man and at first she wasn’t too amused. But when she saw the final video she loved it. Even my Grandad – someone who doesn’t know what a mobile phone is — enjoyed the video. Online, we had a lot of good comments on it and the client, Juliana, loved it, too.

Now, we need to translate our strategy into app downloads. This piece was more for exposure — once the audience has seen it hopefully they research what Xumi is and find out more about it.

Digital marketing for tech companies can be a challenge, making a security app exciting. Trying to make it funny or sexy and cool… I think we’ve done that for the most part. We have a few projects in the pipeline that I think will achieve this, too.”

What advantages did you have when executing this concept?
OD: “With these concepts, it really pays off when the client completely trusts you in your creative ideas. [Juliana] was always part of it but she trusts us, giving us the creative freedom which will produce the best work. At the end of the day, we know what we’re doing.”

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