With our head office in beautiful Vancouver, we live in the perfect playground for us and our four-legged besties. And lucky for us, when we’re not having fun with our dogs outdoors, they can have fun with us in our office. Dogs are awesome in too many ways to count, but today we want to count the ways they make going to work awesome.

Chills you out

We all know dogs help us humans relax, whether it’s our own, a friend’s or just one we happen to meet. Studies have shown that just petting a dog can increase stress-reducing hormones and reduce stress-producing hormones. A 2012 university study found that bringing dogs to work had the same effect. They saw people who brought their dog had their stress go down by 11%, compared to people who didn’t have a furry sidekick saw their stress levels go up to 70% by the end of the workday.

“If I’m feeling stressed, I just take a quick dog cuddle break and it brings back my positive attitude instantly.” -Alina, APS manager

Keeps you alive

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found having a pet can decrease both blood pressure and cholesterol while giving the motivation to exercise and socialize more. All of which helps improve health, on top of dogs giving us all a reason to live.

Improves work-life balance for dog owners (and their dogs)

If you have a fur baby of your own, you know you can get a bit worried about them if they’re home alone. This is especially true if they’re a puppy, older dog or not close enough for you to visit them on a break. Having them in the office avoids all that, plus it relieves pressure if you need to stay a bit late since you don’t have to rush home to let them out. For the dog, they get to enjoy the workplace without having to actually work. They just get the good parts of the job: Chatting with people, playing with toys, eating snacks and hiding under the desk. This definitely beats having to stay at home alone, since they can’t order take-out and watch Netflix all day.

Helps bring the human coworkers together

Dogs are pros at breaking the ice and have been helping humans at it since forever. How many times has a dog helped you meet new people or have a conversation with someone (but you end up only remembering the dog’s name). A 2010 university study found having dog coworkers helped build trust and better collabs between human coworkers.

“Having dogs in the office everyday is a great way to keep people’s spirits high, easy going which keeps creativity flowing even through projects with tight timelines. Who doesn’t like a mid day puppy snuggle?” – Daryl, AntiSocial co-founder

Helps connect with office guests and clients

Like how dogs help stop human coworkers from barking at each other, they also help hit it off with anyone stopping by our office. Getting to meet the office dogs will give anyone good vibes, making their visit a fun one.

Makes humans want to join the team

For anyone with a dog, a dog-friendly office is a huge perk. You don’t need to hire a dog-sitter or dog-walker, don’t have to worry about your dog being home alone and can enjoy their company all day long. This results in saving $, less stress and more fun as part of the job.

For more proof you need woofs in your workspace, check out this infographic from Banfield Pet Hospitals:

Positive Impact of Pets in the Workplace