In 2017, the Fairmont Hotels across British Columbia teamed up with Destination Canada to create #WorldClassWild – an experience comprised of luxury travel packages that take full advantage of what this province has to offer. Each package provides a different slice of the quintessential B.C. experience, launching from each of their six luxury hotels in Victoria, Whistler and the greater Vancouver area. The packages included a hotel stay, gourmet cuisine, activities, adventures, and experiences unique to our part of the world.

World Class Wild: A dynamic travel experience

Each experience was tailored to the unique setting and personality of each hotel. Hotel Vancouver offered “Tea to Train Tracks” which featured the hotel’s signature high tea during a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer train to the Okanagan, letting you soak in the sublime vistas across the province.

“Hive to Honey” at the Fairmont Waterfront centered around its beautiful natural surroundings, with the Pacific Ocean, Stanley Park and mountain views, showing us why sustainability is so vital. It features a gastronomic journey via its Arc restaurant. After an educational tour of their rooftop bee and herb garden, you enjoy a 3-course “Pollinator Menu” featuring in-house and local ingredients. The experience concludes with a tour of scenic locations around Vancouver to learn about local flora and the First Nations people.

“Alpine to Après” at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is an adventure that includes exploring ancient rainforests on ATVs, a helicopter tour, ziplines, and a Porsche driving tour of the mountain landscape that B.C. is known for.

Travel photos and video for social media

Our media production team #CreateWithYouSoon, lead by photographer Alaina Hase, was commissioned to capture these experiences last spring, giving travellers an unforgettable taste of B.C. that only the Fairmont can offer.

We created a highlight reel for each of the six experiences, optimized for social media with a 30-second to 1-minute length. Shorter video vignettes were also made to tease certain parts of each package experience.

Canvas Ads: A dynamic Facebook experience

“World Class Wild offers experiences you can’t find anywhere else in the world. I knew we had great visual content for it, but I wanted the experience to also shine through on Facebook. I recommended Facebook ‘Canvas’ ads; while these take a lot more time and care, it was exactly what this campaign needed. Canvas truly took advantage of our photos and videos and grabbed people’s attention. In this case, the dynamic nature of Canvas ads was a perfect fit for the dynamic experience of World Class Wild.” – Nicole Wei, Content Marketing Manager

Fairmont needed to reach people on Facebook, with the mission to tell the nuanced WCW story in a quick and engaging way. Short-form Facebook videos are always a strong choice, but Nicole wanted to pull people in further. She chose Facebook Canvas mobile ads over traditional Facebook ads because of the following advantages.

View our Facebook Canvas Ad demo below:

Facebook Canvas Ad Advantages

  • Tell a story with a variety of media formats
  • More Interactive and immersive than a traditional ad
  • Instant loading and responsive
  • Acts as a mini-landing page
  • Opens up remarketing options
  • Can include a mix of photos, carousels, slideshows, videos, 360s, tilt-to-pan, text, buttons, store locators, e-commerce, and more

Facebook reported that when Canvas launched in 2016, 53% of users viewed at least half of it, with an average view time of 31 seconds. Adweek also reported in February that with Facebook’s new algorithm changes, Canvas is even more attractive in 2018. With Canvas ads generally performing much better than other Facebook advertising options, if the campaign fits and you have the right content, it is worth the extra effort.