Who doesn’t love the holidays? They’re full of food, friends, and family. And, everyone who is part of the AntiSocial fam, knows the holidays also mean an epic party. This year’s soirée was hosted by our good friends at The Parlour, who were kind enough to put us up in their back room.

At AntiSocial, good company culture is at the core of who we are, playing a part in how we operate as professionals and creatives. We pride ourselves on working together as a team and part of that cohesion comes from our relationships outside of the office. We’ll take every opportunity to celebrate with each other.

Christmas Parlour

Daryl Louie, AntiSocial’s CEO alongside Alex Chan, COO, took the opportunity to thank the team and our spouses and partners, who put up with odd hours and respect the creative process.

Daryl also stated, “For Alex and myself, this year’s highlights include working on the professional development of our team and seeing the results in the work, attitude, and productivity. Another is the emergence of natural leaders in every department – stepping up to the plate when needed and knocking the role out of the park.

2019 will be one of AntiSocial’s strongest years yet – and I look forward to accomplishing that alongside all of you. You are all talented and creative individuals, that’s why you work here. But that’s just the beginning.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together the progress. Working together, the success.”

Take a look at some of the photos from the night below: