The rise of the internet has changed our world forever.

We’re more connected than ever before, communicating with each other and finding information at the touch of a button. Web searches for ‘self-care’ are at an all-time high; people are taking their emotional health seriously.

Company culture is taken more seriously than ever before.

By prioritizing well-being, job seekers are searching for great company culture. In response, companies are also promoting workplace benefits which have the best payoff, including restructuring the department essentially responsible for employee happiness.

For traditional HR, this was a death sentence. Human Resource departments had a terrible reputation of stiff policies, enforcing painfully political correctness, and throwing dry, mandatory mixers. Now, HR departments are no longer just signing your cheques and enforcing harassment policies. The traditional HR departments of the past are on their way out, being replaced with people who care genuinely about office culture and employee well-being.

Successful HR are able to balance how to benefit the company as well as the employees.

Companies examine which benefits will have the best return for their workforce and align with their goals. Whether it’s flex hours, competitive pay, or having dog-friendly office space, when employees feel happier they’re more productive, creative, and loyal.

You’ll want to post about it, too.

Employers can use this further, too. By advertising your unique company culture you can attract talent and instil pride in your current employees. To be competitive in today’s market, you have to meet the needs of a new generation of workers who are intrinsically connected to the internet (for better or for worse). The most effective way to speak to this new pool of talent is through social media, so don’t be afraid to humblebrag on your company’s Instagram account.