Will beer save the world? Probably.

Back in 2017, E6PR was created. The company creates biodegradable six-pack rings as a solution to plastic waste. The six-pack rings are made out of wheat and barley, meaning they’re edible if they find their way into a turtle’s digestive tract.

Now, we all remember how Starbucks jumped on the straw-banning train and had a fallout of good publicity from it. These beer companies have made the environmentally-friendly choice to rid themselves of their plastic six-pack rings. As a calculated bonus, their image is now associated with eco-friendliness and pro-animal rights. The result is great PR coupled with doing the morally right thing for the planet.


Corona is the first reported major beer company who has partnered with E6PR in a pilot program. They’re currently testing their new packaging decision in places like Mexico and the UK. With their brand identity closely associated with the beach (their tagline is actually Find Your Beach), this move is a stroke of genius at further solidifying Corona’s reputation.

Corona Eco Friendly 6 pack ring

Saltwater was created for “fisherman, surfers and people that love the sea” and was one of the first early adopters of the non-harmful six-pack ring. They’re a Florida-based company whose brand identity is wrapped up in environmental-friendliness.



Carlsberg got rid of their six-pack rings completely. The move is said to reduce the use of plastic by 75%. Stuhlmann, who works for one of Carlsberg’s design partners, said he went to the hardware shop and bought all of the adhesives he could find. “Over the weekend I just glued things together and made a short video for my CEO and so the idea was born,” Stuhlmann stated.

Because of this, Carlsberg was endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who called it a “big step” in environmental efforts.