In an odd partnership with Hulu, the @world_record_egg forayed into social media influencing — and it was insanely successful.

Remember The Egg? The one who smashed Kylie Jenner’s record for most Instagram likes and crested 10 million followers? Recently, Egg Gang used their newfound fame to spread a message about mental health and social media.

Hulu, the streaming service that rivals Netflix, recently paired with the little egg for this message. They host the Egg Gang talking about mental health in an adorable short featuring an animated egg. The short turned out to be the second most-watched episode within 12 hours on Hulu.

“Recently I’ve started to crack… The pressure of social media is getting to me,” the egg in the video says as its shell begins to crack. “If you’re struggling too, talk to someone.”

Remember, this is the streaming platform for big-name shows like The Handmaid’s Tale. Being the second most-watched episode is huge.

Hulu used the Super Bowl to hype the short. After a 30-second ad for The Handmaid’s Tale, they posted a cryptic message on @world_record_egg’s to check in after the game.

Now for the crazy part: That post gained over a million likes in less than an hour and Hulu’s following grew by 25%.

The hype, mystery, and message of the campaign all culminated into a very clever marketing campaign. Hulu’s proving to its viewers that not only does it care about mental health issues but is also cool enough to partner with the Kylie-Jenner-beating Egg Gang.