It’s safe to say podcasts are having a bit of a moment, notably shown in Spotify’s recent report that podcast listening time is up by nearly double since the pandemic began. Whether or not you’re using podcasts to stay informed, lighthearted, or just to have friendly, familiar voices fill your otherwise empty apartment- podcasts are undoubtedly helping us all survive the pandemic, one episode at a time.

For International Podcast Day we wanted to celebrate a medium that is often underrated (but nevertheless a consistent part of all of our days) by spotlighting an oh-so-special podcast featuring our very own Daryl Louie! This week CEO of AntiSocial, Daryl Louie, was invited onto the podcast of AntiSocial’s longstanding client Oakwyn Realty, to discuss entrepreneurship and risk-taking. We couldn’t be more pumped to listen.

Happy International Podcast Day from the team at AntiSocial, and be sure to check out all of our podcast recommendations below.

Three Peas in a Pod

Recently, President and Founders of Oakwyn Realty Michael Uy and Morgan Browne invited Daryl Louie onto The Oakwyn Podcast for an episode on entrepreneurship. The three of them discuss the minutia of Daryl’s professional background and the eclectic journey that brought him to co-found AntiSocial Solutions 7 years ago.

They discuss how unexpected success happens, how to maximize hard work, dedication, how to always say yes, and Daryl’s key questions before starting a business venture.

“One, am I investing time in the right places? Two, am I going to be happy investing in what I’m currently doing for the next five years? And three, if I don’t do it, who else is going to?” explained Daryl.

The podcast episode marked an “integral” milestone for our two companies, who have been growing in tandem for the last 7 years and now continue to celebrate and support each other.

“Thank you on the behalf of Oakwyn,” Morgan Browne concluded in the episode, “the ideas keep on flowing with your team and we’re so lucky to have you. The best is yet to come!”

For Pod's Sake

While it may feel like there’s just about a podcast for everything these days, the saturated market is not one to ignore. Podcasts offer a fascinating medium with a unique engagement rate, that is currently underutilized by brands.

Where social posts may have their audience’s full attention for 15-60 seconds, podcasts can hold audience attention for upwards of 20-60 minutes, which offers a huge untapped potential for brands.

The rise in listening time alongside the rise in screen time shows podcasts are an integral part of people’s routines and coping in a post COVID landscape, and are a heavily underutilized marketing tool. “There is potential there for a lot of growth” added Daryl.

If you’d like to learn more about our hot takes and trend predictions- contact us!

Happy International Podcast Day to the humble but mighty podcast, we appreciate you, in whichever form you take. Thank you to Michael and Morgan at Oakwyn for being such gracious hosts, and thank you, Daryl, for his honest and insightful responses! Don’t forget to listen to the Oakwyn Podcast here, and keep up with our other updates here!

In the spirit of International Podcast Day, we’ve put together a few staff picks below to diversify your library- you’re welcome! Happy listening!

Stuff You Should Know
Category: Society and Culture

Love it because it talks through the history, science, and culture of how things work or how they came to be!

Taylor Lowe, Producer

Grounded With Louis Theroux
Category: Society and Culture

Interesting topics, intellectual discussions about current affairs with a sprinkling of humour.

Oli Dickerson, Social Strategist

The Michelle Obama Podcast
Category: Relationships

She is such an influential and positive person and its great to hear about how she found her own successes.

Melissa Tolentino, Social Strategist

Zura Health Podcast
Category: Alternative Health

I listen quite regularly and it is a great wellness resource!

Nicole Wei, Associate Director of Social Media

Yeah That’s Probably an Ad
Category: Business

This podcast is great to listen to for industry knowledge, they interview a wide variety of agency and brand leaders.

Farah Tozy, Marketing & PR Coordinator

My Favourite Murder
Category: True Crime

I love true crime, and with this podcast, I can have a laugh and hear two witty funny women talk about an otherwise depressing and horrifying topic.


Ann Dinh, Associate Producer

After Work Drinks
Category: Society and Culture

They discuss current affairs in a lighthearted, approachable way and have recently started interviewing some amazing guests.

Vanessa Ortynsky, Senior Social Strategist

Ron Burgundy Podcast
Category: Comedy

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy interviews real celebrity guests, it’s wild.

Daryl Louie, Director Creative Strategy