Tapped out on campaign ideas? Get inspired by some of our favourite funny Mother's Day videos for 2019 below.

Friendly reminder: May 12th is Mother’s Day — so call your mom, your dad-who-is-also-a-mom, the mother of your fur-baby, and your grandma. Whoever showers you in unconditional love and nurturing deserves a shout out today. And then, go check out these hilarious Mother’s Day campaigns for 2019.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Is fried chicken sexy? KFC and Wieden & Kennedy Portland seem to think so. They’ve taken the ‘sex sells’ idea and applied to their Mother’s Day, Chickendale campaign. Although a lot of people will cringe at the idea of their mom’s staring at sweaty, grinding Chippendale (or, in this case, Chickendale) dancers, the humour is there.

KFC has further developed the idea of a ‘sexy Colonel Sanders’ with their latest virtual influencer, a young Colonel who has an affinity for yoga and stomach tattoos. It’s hard to say if we love it or hate it. Thoughts?


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Portal, by Facebook

Facebook’s newest invention, Portal, is a video-chat smart-camera which can auto-zoom and follow you when you’re chatting and moving. Their Mother’s Day video doesn’t address any of Portal’s features out loud but rather shows them operating easily as Neil Patrick Harris chats with six moms.

The video is stacked with celebrity moms, including the moms of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Serena and Venus Williams, Snoop Dogg, Odell Beckham Jr, and Jonah Hill. It’s light and humorous, showing moms talkin’ smack, making fun of NPH, and just generally being moms while subtly highlighting Portal’s new gadgetry.


Teleflora, a floral wire service company which brokers orders to local florists for delivery, is probably going to busy on Mother’s Day with or without their new Love Like a Mother campaign. The company announced its Mother’s Day bouquet collection alongside the campaign, which shows people acting motherly towards strangers. The result is awkwardly hilarious and oddly familiar, at the same time.