Planning around seasonal events and holidays has always been a marketing mainstay, and social media is no exception. Let’s look at five ways to take advantage of the seasons, using some favourite examples we created for clients to celebrate this year’s Halloween. While our content examples are tied to Halloween, the tips can apply to other seasonal events and holidays.

Create original content (and repurpose it)

Creating original, quality content is a social media golden rule, but often marketers and brands take a shortcut by expecting their product’s association with the season or holiday to be enough. Such as mentioning Halloween in a Facebook post’s caption, but using a stock product image. With costs and time the main reason for taking shortcuts, pre-plan your Halloween-themed photo shoots in advance and include of a range of products that can be repurposed. For example, our Kernels Popcorn Instagram below features the how the popcorn bucket can be used for trick-or-treating and the Halloween-themed Paw Patrol graphics. With it being an eye-catching shot, it’s included below in this post when we reuse it on Facebook but promoting a giveaway instead. Because of the different network, usage, and reason to engage with the content, it doesn’t give followers a copy/paste impression if they recognize it.

Promoting Seasonal Products

The most apparent reason to take advantage of a season or holiday is to promote any products tied to them or created specifically for them. Our tip is not to expect the product’s relation to the season to be the promotion in itself. While the holiday connection is clear to most customers, they still appreciate quality, appealing content. For Kernels Popcorn, we did product shoots and created animated graphics to showcase their special Halloween popcorn flavours and related items.

Some examples for Save-On-Foods include bringing a variety of products together to remind customers they can get decorations, pumpkin carving tools, and more Halloween-related items other than candy.

Showcase Seasonal Product Usage

Some products are traditionally associated with seasons or holidays, which can be promoted through ways they can be used. For example, showcasing a pumpkin as an attractive serving dish for pumpkin soup that also links to the soup recipe.

Then there are products that aren’t associated but can fit well with a little creativity. We created several quick videos optimized for social that both grab attention and show how a client’s regular product can be used seasonally. These examples provide value to customers with creative ideas to celebrate the season, along with instructions. Then provide value to the client by utilizing their products for it.

Combine with Giveaways and Contests

A seasonal twist is a perfect way to keep standard promotional tactics like giveaways and contests fresh throughout the year. Like with promoting seasonal products, it pays to not cut corners and put effort into the related promotional content. With our examples from White Spot Triple O’s and Kernels Popcorn, we used original Halloween photos we took. Then regular giveaways have their entries tied to Halloween, with Triple O’s asking what costume followers are wearing to enter and Kernels asking what followers’ favourite candy is.

Have Fun!

Our final tip on using seasonal marketing is to have fun. It’s always good to mix up your social media with content that’s not directly or even indirectly promotional, and holidays are a perfect time for it. One we especially enjoyed was with the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, where we shot their famous furry concierges Elly and Ella, dressed up as their favourite superheroes.

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