AntiSocial is proud to have a roster stacked with female leaders. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to Nicole Wei, Social Head, and Taylor Lowe, Project Manager, about management practices, creating inviting workspaces, and staying true to yourself.

Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace

AntiSocial Solutions represents the new world of business; one that is inclusive, empowering, and inspiring. Past mindsets would say that empathy is for the weak, but we invite it in with open arms. Empathy in the workplace is a necessity. We are all humans working with other humans, and it’s important that we remember to treat each other with care.

Taylor and Nicole suggest making empathy a cornerstone of your management practices. Take time to understand your team members and how they function in their workspace. Learn everyones personalities and if something clashes, listen. Lending an open ear is one of the easiest and most effective ways of showing empathy to others.

On Using Your Emotions in the Workplace

“Harness your emotions! Emotions don’t have to be reactive. Instead, channel your emotion and empathy in order to problem-solve. Emotional intelligence is great for communication and it helps us connect and grow.” 

-Nicole Wei

Having emotions and showing them in your leadership is encouraged at AntiSocial. We work in a really supportive environment where being vulnerable works to our advantage. Everyone is allowed to be themselves and that helps us connect with each other.” 

-Taylor Lowe

Why Working Together Makes Us Stronger

One of AntiSocial’s greatest strengths is the closeness of our team. As a small business that has experienced significant growth, it’s always been important for us to stay true to our roots. We do this through a commitment to our company culture– a culture that thrives off the creatvitiy of its community.

Our management team is constantly innovating their approaches to leadership and finding new ways to connect with their departments. We aim to curate an open, honest, and supportive office lifestyle for our team.

One way that we connect with each other is through company events. We host quarterly karaoke, board game nights, beach days, formal balls, and more. Having fun together helps us work better together. When you respect and enjoy the company of your coworkers, things just flow better.

Nicole Wei and Taylor Lowe of AntiSocial Solutions sit on a set of stairs embracing and smiling in Vancouver, BC

Team Building Tips from the Pros


“One way that I motivate the social team is by starting each meeting with open sharing. I ask the team to rank their week from 1-10, both professionally and personally. We want to highlight motivations as well as struggles, to remind each other that we are all human. We share in the good news and celebrate the wins, and if someone needs an extra hand, then we all band together to help them. That’s what true teamwork is about.”

-Nicole Wei

Nicole Wei of AntiSocial Solutions sits smiling in her Vancouver, BC home
Taylor Lowe of AntiSocial Solutions stands on a street in Vancouver, BC smiling

“I aim to lead by example. I want to show my team that you can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. Emotional maturity is intelligent, powerful, and honest. If we can’t share our true selves with each other, then how do we expect to succeed? I want to say: this is me, these are the pieces that got me here. It’s not perfect, but it’s real.”

-Taylor Lowe