Creativity is at the core of all of our work at AntiSocial Solutions. May 30th is National Creativity Day and our team decided to celebrate creativity all month long by speaking with some of our creative leaders.

First on the docket is our incredible Creative Director, Bruna Arbex. Bruna is in charge of the creative direction of all of our video and media content at AntiSocial Solutions. Outside of her agency work, she is an award-winning filmmaker. Read on to see what excites Bruna about creativity and how she starts her process.

How important is creativity in your life?

Bruna Arbex: Creativity is essential in my life, not only because my day-to-day job is completely based on creativity but also because it’s what my passion is surrounded in. Apart from working for AntiSocial and Thinkingbox, I’m also a filmmaker. So creativity is the core of everything that I do. 

How does it feel when you create something new?

BA: I feel very accomplished. It’s exciting to come up with something from scratch; when you search your brain for something and then it just clicks. It’s almost like solving a puzzle, I get that same sense of satisfaction where it’s like: I cracked the code. Besides that, it feels exciting because it’s true self-expression. It’s a form of communication and a way of conveying messages that keeps me engaged and excited.

photo by Luka Cyprian

How important is it for you to be able to be creative in your role with AntiSocial?

BA: It’s extremely important to me because that is my biggest drive in life. It’s really hard to do something you aren’t passionate about. As humans, we spend most of our lives working. You’re going to be at your job eight hours a day, maybe for the rest of your life. If I couldn’t be creative at my job I don’t know if I would have the incentive to do it, honestly. Being creative is the only way I know how to work.

photo by Luka Cyprian

What is it about film specifically that draws you to its process?

BA: Wow, so many things. I believe what drives me the most is the power of self-expression and the power of communication. I think sometimes we forget that when we’re creating a piece of media, no matter if it is marketing or film, that it is a message that a lot of people are going to hear and watch. It has a mass reach nowadays. I think what also drives me is the importance of that message. It’s not just a cool video, but it’s a message that people with learn from and that’s a powerful thing to share with the world. When I consider the fact that I’m an immigrant and English isn’t my first language, I’m really happy that I have an outlet for communication that is visual– when words and dialogue aren’t enough. It’s like another branch of my communication abilities. 

How much of creating something new is natural and how much of it requires hard work?

BA: When we create it sometimes comes from passion and it sometimes comes from effort. Depending on what you’re creating, you need to do a lot of research. You need background knowledge to understand what you’re trying to communicate. You need to know your purpose, your message, and what you’re trying to say. It requires a lot of studying, a lot of research, a lot of preparation. But parts of creativity are natural. Some people just have it. I have crazy ideas all the time and that’s where I start my process. But the ability to execute those ideas is something that requires work. So it takes both.

What is it about creating that keeps you coming back for more?

BA: It’s the concept of creating something new. That’s the most engaging thing to me. Creating something from nothing brings this power and ability… it’s never the same. Every project and every idea is different and that brings me back every time.

photo by Luka Cyprian

How would you describe your creative work?

BA: Everything that I do is emotionally driven but you learn something from it. It’s not just beautiful, cinematic, or good looking. It’s about conveying an important message and allowing the audience to learn and experience something new.