The annual Vancouver Hopscotch Festival is back for the 22nd year running. From November 20th to the 26th whisky, beer, and food lovers will indulge in a series of exclusive spirit-based events and classes.

In preparation for the Vancouver Hopscotch Festival, the AntiSocial Solutions team headed to Kelowna’s Hopscotch Festival in September. Their mission was to create visual content to promote the upcoming Vancouver event on social media. Of course, to fully capture the festival’s spirit, they had to experience it first-hand. Project manager Scott Mackay filled us in on the experience.

Hopscotch Festival Kelowna 2017


What was the plan?

Our team spent the weekend in Kelowna to create live social media content at the Hopscotch Festival’s Grand Tasting Hall and capture visual content to follow up the event. Our photographer Nathan Penner and videographer Cristobal Ruiz shot the event. Alina Anghel, our Advertising Placement Strategist, assisted me with live social media management and was in charge of advertising. We’ll also be live at the Grand Tasting Hall event in Vancouver.

What went down?

Being able to share the total experience of the event was extremely gratifying. We enjoyed highlighting the various aspects of the festival especially the spirits – and I mean both the whiskies and the people there. Besides the amazing products, Hopscotch was memorable thanks to the attendees, vendors, and staff. All were essential ingredients to create engaging brand content.

Our clients were busy coordinating the event logistics. We handled all the digital marketing efforts, easing some of the stress. We also took over their Instagram Story for the weekend. Together we completely captured the magic of the event as it unfolded. -Scott, Project Manager

What were the results?

We managed their Facebook and Insta live on location, leaving their team free to manage the event. We captured video and photo content to recap the event and promote the upcoming Vancouver event on their social channels. This was turned into a 30-second Instagram video and 1-minute Facebook video combined with a giveaway to the Vancouver event, hitting over 6,000 views total. It also resulted in us having a ton of fun doing it, with some time to explore the town as a team.

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