Oakwyn Realty is a Vancouver-based real estate agency that has changed the way our city sees realtors. They started their business with less than ten agents and have grown into a company of over 400 employees. Through high-quality content creation, in-depth digital strategies, and social media dexterity, we’ve helped bring Oakwyn to the top of their industry.

If you’re looking to diversify your digital marketing strategy, we’re here to help. Read on to see what we’ve created with Oakwyn and learn how you can use the digital world to build better business.

1. Content Creation

Creating engaging content is essential in digital marketing. The digital world relies on visual media to communicate, which means that high-quality photo and video content drives online conversations.

We’ve created a diverse set of media for Oakwyn, from product shots to lifestyle campaigns, cookout events and beyond. We’ve set up photo booths at their various events, conducted video interviews with their agents, and crafted brand videos that they use for recruitment.

On the right, you can view an example of a brand video we created for Oakwyn’s 2020 theme: The Experience. Below, check out some of the photo content we’ve developed. This content is used for recruitment, social media strategy, and branding.

2. Social Strategy

Building a brand is like building a house. There are plans drafted, designs agreed upon and promises made by builders to owners. As social media strategists, we are the builders. Our clients come to us with a desire to communicate with their audiences and we find creative ways to exceed their expectations.

Oakwyn’s biggest goal is recruitment. they want to grow their company, their reach, and their knowledge across the lower mainland and beyond. Our task for their social strategy is to make Oakwyn a household brand that inspires agents and changes the face of modern real estate.

So, how do we do this? The first step to building brand integrity is to showcase the human element behind the brand. Oakwyn is a company known for its character; they are free-spirited, fun, and hold a deep commitment to seeing their agents grow. They show this commitment through regular events, activations, and learning opportunities for their agents, like their Pride celebrations and their annual Women of Oakwyn event. To support these causes, the AntiSocial team creates campaign strategies that bring their brand initiatives to life through exciting visual storytelling, curated social feeds, and interactive marketing campaigns like the #OakwynKindness campaign.

We also take time to create branded content that upholds Oakwyn’s values and goals. Their social feeds glow with Oakwyn aesthetics, agent features, and the natural Vancouver landscape. The overall message? Oakwyn knows quality; through their work, lifestyle, agents, and beyond.


3. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to get your brand noticed. With online algorithms in constant flux, you want to ensure that your content is reaching your audience. 

We focus Oakwyn’s paid strategy on brand awareness and audience growth, keeping in mind their recruitment and education goals. We run ads with the goals of traffic and page likes that grow Oakwyn’s online audience. This allows us to build a top-funnel audience of engaged users that we can target later down the line with campaigns that have more direct calls-to-action.

Our paid strategies allow us to highlight the true heart of Oakwyn: their people. By using paid ads, we can connect the brand to the people and the people to the brand. On top of that, we have a chance to get their messaging out to new audiences, spreading information, creating community, and opening up opportunities for recruitment.


The Results

This year, Oakwyn Realty was named #1 Office in Gross Dollar Volume of Sales across the entire Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. 76 of their agents became Medallion Club members, and 7 carry the Presidents Club title. They’ve opened new offices across the lower mainland, recruited hundreds of new agents, and grown their social media following to create a community based on kindness, motivation, and empowerment.

If you’re looking to take your digital marketing to the next level, contact us. We’ve got the strategies and expertise to help.