The restaurant industry is a competitive recruitment market. With so many options to choose from, those looking for a career can be flooded with indecision. In 2019, White Spot, our long term client, approached us with a challenge: How can we recruit and retain the top talent within our industry?

Highlighting Careers at White Spot

Our primary focus was to highlight how a career at White Spot stood out from its competitors.

White Spot has a built-in red seal program for its chefs. They were the first full-service restaurant to offer this training, and they even built a red seal kitchen at their head office location. Their work-as-you-study program means that students can lessen the financial stresses of schooling by supplementing their income with shifts at White Spot.

They also have management programs that enrich their staff and offer career opportunities in leadership. Most of their management team has been with the company for a long time, so it was important for us to draw attention to long-term career opportunities at White Spot.

Showing the dedication of the company to its employees became our mission. We wanted to show the humanity, compassion, and motivation that White Spot instilled in its business practices. So, we set about creating a strategy that would help recruitment, retention, and reputation.

How to Use Media for Recruitment

We decided to use video media for this project, because we knew it would be the best way to deliver the truly human success stories of White Spot employees.

Our media team created a series of short videos to show potential recruits the diverse career options available at White Spot. We had real managers and red seal chefs talking on camera and answering questions about the training programs, success stories, relationships, and more. We did photography in-situ and scheduled multiple days of shooting so that we could get a range of testimonials, live shots, and b-roll.

Here’s a video from the Employee Stories series which highlights Jessica, a 10 year employee of White Spot.

Going the Extra Mile

This project was exciting to work on because we got to speak with so many people and hear so many different stories. Because of the scope of the project, we created a ton of media– even more than we originally planned for.

We were able to turn this extra media into social content and a promotional video reel. It was great to be able to go that extra mile for one of our long-term clients. Check out these awesome visuals!

Make Media Work For You

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